Ads like this is why i refuse to access YouTube via official apps or websites. Promoting the dailywire which is an extremely conservative transphobic "news" and commentary outlet.

YouTube and It's content can just die in a fire at this rate.

If you didn't know, the small i you can't even see is how you report ads.

@Comrade_Tomato i’ve seen ads for straight up right wing ‘political commentators’ before, like ben shapiro/that sort of crowd

@Comrade_Tomato I don't even consider that to be the worst of YouTube ads, considering I've gotten multiple scam ads which advertise obviously fake apps with stolen content from other YouTubers. I reported them, but to my knowledge, that scam ad is still up. Or just use a adblocker, anyways complaining about it on here won't solve the issue.

I use freetube as well. If i like someones content i'll give them a donation that is worth more than one view.

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