Also my brother cooking for me because I am back home :blobmeltsoblove:

My father gave 5€ to Wikipedia because he said it is important to support access to the culture :blobaww:

My roommate ordered pizza but accidentally paid with his mother's credit card :blobxd:

I bet Human laziness is going to destroy computer science when I see how most developers are not optimizing their softwares.

I hate myself so badly atm...................... I'm such an idiot

What I am going to remember from that teaser is that Rei is still a good girl

I am not feeling to maintain AntaBaka anymore. Hope it is just a temporary mood.

Why did you choose AntaBaka and what do you think of this instance? :blob3c:

Since I'm someone good (still have to be proven) I only buy my books in local libraries :blobcat3c:

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Anta Baka ?!

Hello ! This is a server for a small community but where everyone can share what they love. This instance is going to be mostly about anime/manga or computer science but feel free to share everything you want !