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Happy 14th July to my fellow Baguettes (have a happy day too for my non French) 🥖

People hating on Asuka is something I have to handle almost every day. I think I'll just go back to my Jill AVI and never put back any Asuka pic and do the divorse on Kitsu.
Like some people are even insulting...

Hug me please. Hug me until I can't breath. Hug me until I die. :blobcatverysad:

Since I'm born I feel like France is stuck in some sort of "existential crisis". It is really hitting me on a daily basis and I am tired of it...

Why I never found the man command that explain how life works ?

Does anyone have figured out how to shut down that "self-preservation" feature in our brain? I'm not saying this because it's very annoying but almost. During conversations, brain goes "wow don't speak, you are going to make a fool of yourself","what are they thinking of you now?","If you continue that way everyone will think you are a weirdo"'

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