Feeling kind of crushed by life recently. That's why I want to make a super giant thread of wholesomeness.
What do you consider as your biggest challenge in your life and howdid get over it?

@Gakamine I think I didn't really have something like that yet
I mean
I am 20, I graduated from school with 17, my parents aren't poor, when I ask for help I usually get help (and I also return help ofc), I don't really had that many experiences in life yet that I would consider as a big challenge

I am struggling right now a lot with studying, that is what I'd consider my "biggest challenge" currently cause I don't really know *how* I'll be able to do all of these things..

Everything else (moving, work, etc.) always feels more at least kinda under my control, as in, I am able to have realistic expectations and also know people I can ask if I am struggling too much on my own

But I bet studying won't be the most challenging thing in my entire life, or, tbh, I'd hope it would be the most challenging thing in my entire life, cause then that means everything else will feel manageable instead

Like, sure, sometimes I really really really feel bad about everything, but tbh that's only because of some mental problems and not really justified.
I think I am a really lucky person overall..

I am really happy to know so many awesome people that know so many things and are so nice and helpful all the time :comfyheart:
Hope, they all feel appreciated enough :comfyblush:

@Gakamine I'm still so young, the biggest challenges are probably in the future

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