I want to commission an artwork to have my face with this art style :blobcatthinking:

My brother, a friend from school and an online friend worked together to order an artwork of Asuka and me.
Here's also my laptop for comparison and how detailed it is :akko_blush:
Yes, that's kind of a face reveal :blobcat3c:

Was supposed to have the shot at 15:30 but left the vaccination center at 14:55 :blobfoxdab:

It feels nice to be back home for few days.. There is no sounds except birds, locust, the wind.. I want to sleep in the grass I swear it's so warm outside!
Also turtle seems to appreciate this vibe too

AirBaka: all the flight attendants are big tsunderes. You have a terrible flight because they all scream at you "it's not like I want to give you the water you asked for or anything b-bakaaaa".
At least... your flight is cheap :blobcatshrug:

I love this in my apartment. It gives me the feeling that something is decaying :blobcatgoogly:

Asuka moment :Holo_Sad:
"Being alone has always been the norm for me, and yet ...
Loneliness shouldn't bother me more than that, and yet ..."

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