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Asuka is a qt

@esheep Would gladly stay outside if it wasn't that hot :Holo_Sad:

@immychan I was not sure if it was good or not :blobcatblush:
Thank you immyqt :blobhug2:

Gaka is baka but not all bakas are Gaka :ablobcatwave:

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One guy way too drunk spilled his drink on me.......

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My attitude about software is that it expresses ideas that cannot be owned. Attempting to assert ownership is undesirable and impossible. So, although colorForth is infinitely valuable, I place it in the Public Domain to make it freely available to anyone for any purpose. There is plenty of money to be made by porting code, programming applications and teaching.

b for based

Going to a party with a small group of friends I made and we had a theme: "funny socks" :holo_comf:

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