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If you want to join or invite someone on AntaBaka you can send a message to me, @putos_otakus or @immychan. :asuka_heart:

What is cool about Christmas is that you can open a bottle of Champagne :blobcat3c:

I think more with my emotions than my brain and it's not good.

You are going to scroll without giving me a warm hug? :blobcatreach:

Reminder that tomorrow I will stream with @solidsanek :3
Will prob start around 21:30 if it's fine with him.

Improve your AntaBaka experience with AntaBaka Nitro. Only 5.99$/month to post longer toots and upload custom emojis.

Yes I have Cisco certifications.
Don't ask how nor why.

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Anta Baka?!

Hello ! This is a server for a small community but where everyone can share what they love. This instance is going to be mostly about anime/manga or computer science but feel free to share everything you want !