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1. AntaBaka is my ... fedi instance.
2. I want to give ... to Gaka.
3. There is no better waifu than Asuka when it's about ...
Fill the blank :ablobfoxbongohyper:

When I was in Korea I had privileges for being French. They love French so much it's crazy. I'll always remember when we went to a bar and as a French I got a free beer while my Norwegian, Czech and German friends had to pay.........
Also had some weird people following us in the subway and every time we noticed them said "bonjour!".
Still had some fun with all the Koreans singing the French anthem :blobfox3c:

How to make someone understand that antidepressants are not drug? :/

Happy 14th July to my fellow Baguettes (have a happy day too for my non French) 🥖

People hating on Asuka is something I have to handle almost every day. I think I'll just go back to my Jill AVI and never put back any Asuka pic and do the divorse on Kitsu.
Like some people are even insulting...

Hug me please. Hug me until I can't breath. Hug me until I die. :blobcatverysad:

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Anta Baka ?!

Hello ! This is a server for a small community but where everyone can share what they love. This instance is going to be mostly about anime/manga or computer science but feel free to share everything you want !