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The world is beautiful :blobcatblush:
Cultural diversity is beautiful :blobcatmelt:
Life is beautiful :blobmeltsoblove:

I need to find a subject for school project.
The theme is "the digital to the service of the society".
Any ideas?

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I just wanted to congrats myself. I finally went to a psychologist after all this time I tried to avoid it. :blobcatuguu:

"Je l'aime à mort
Je l'ai ma mort"
"La Belle Américaine
La belle âme est 'ricaine"
I love those kind of word games uwu

I received an email from the owner of my previous apartment. I am crying because it's very wholesome, she is a very kind person. She loves gardening and often gave me vegetables and she's asking me to visit her whenever I go to Auxerre UwU

Why am I only getting along with the weeb of my school.

Ikea saying my office chair has been delivered but my roommate received nothing :blobcatsadlife:

Note to myself: do not open the fediverse in public. :blobsweats:

I have a calendar where I note everyday I had a stomachache and threw up. Today is one of those day and when I look at the calendar it's getting more and more frequent ...

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