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Improve your AntaBaka experience with AntaBaka Nitro. Only 5.99$/month to post longer toots and upload custom emojis.

Yes I have Cisco certifications.
Don't ask how nor why.

Today's news: nothing to report, I am still an idiot :blobcatgoogly:

Not saying France is the worst country tho. The financial and social helps are honesty amazing. It helped me to get through very difficult situations and to afford my education safely.
If only we stopped centralizing everything in Paris tho...

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I honestly wished I was Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish. They have different cultures but are honestly the most modern countries.
When you see their approach towards education there is no wonder why they have the highest grades in Europe. French egalitarian system is falling apart creating more inequalities than ever. Being French is honestly depressing.

Is it fine if I take a beer in the fridge? :beer_sapporo_classic: :blobcatmlem:

Honestly I feel better about AntaBaka. I think making it friends-only is honestly reassuring. I know I won't have issues because everyone are qts here and won't be too mad if the server is down. Expanding AntaBaka was a pleasant idea but a big mistake due to the time required.
We have a way smaller VPS which means cheaper, that's why I decided to not ask for donations anymore and closed it.
Sorry if I scared you with AntaBaka closure and thank you, your support really helped me! :asuka_heart:

My brain is probably equivalent to an Intel processor :blobcatgoogly:

I know how to make APIs so please school.. Don't teach how to make one ESPECIALLY in JS :blobcatnotlikethis:

Online friendships or not, it doesn't matter, you are precious :blush_eoto_002:

I was replaying Celeste 'cuz I never took the time to finish it and had an idea: why not streaming how bad I am!
Maybe @solidsanek could join me in VC to give me tips and to talk :bunhdlurkaww:

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