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Asuka moment :Holo_Sad:
"Being alone has always been the norm for me, and yet ...
Loneliness shouldn't bother me more than that, and yet ..."

Lmao, my school is in a Twitter shitsorm because they used a meme of a streamer in their ads...

Man page how to date Gaka:
Just scream *anta baka*

@razzlom im glad you recommended me "The House in Fata Morgana". I already finished the first door. Even if I'm not a huge reader, I could not stop myself reading this visual novel.
Very interesting and intriguing. Can't wait to finish it.

It was pretty heavy and this is so abnormal. How can you deny dysphoria when a little girl of 3 years old is feeling it without being conscious of what is sexuality and "genders"...

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Yesterday I cried in front of a reportage. Arte filmed the daily life of a little girl born in a male body. Since she was 3 years old she always felt being a girl. She was diagnosed with dysphoria and her family fighting for her being recognized as a girl was very touching. I felt the injustice, people denying who she really is and stealing the normal childhood she deserved.... blaming her parents because ''it's them who are pushing her to be a girl".....

AntaBaka alignment... is..
Lawful Prude
Lawful Cute
Lawful Lewd
Neutral Prude
Neutral Cute
Neutral Lewd
Chaotic Prude
Chaotic Cute
Chaotic Lewd
(stolen from @gaige :blobcat3c: )

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Anta Baka?!

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