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Is this the kind of instance you run? Trying to be at stereotypically UK as possible?
@Main_Tomato @Hyolobrika @xvilo better chance of a response to reports on Twitter than a UK instance, I suspect

@Main_Tomato @penny @Hyolobrika Thanks. I'm aware of this, as I wrote it. Adding more mentions and messages to these kinds of threads will only make it more difficult for me to see whats going on and whats important.

The user in question has been limited and has been given some time to move off this instance. After this period their account will be suspended πŸ‘

@xvilo @penny @Hyolobrika@mastodon.org.uk You shouldn't give time for a white supremacist to move, sorry. They're dangerous people

@Main_Tomato @penny @Hyolobrika you're probably right and I will keep this in mind if this happens again

@xvilo @Main_Tomato @Hyolobrika thanks! Sorry for being mean this just kinda escalated over a couple days

@penny @Main_Tomato @Hyolobrika Alright. Thanks for the appology. I can not and will not baby sit every toot. Reports are checked regularly and will be acted up on after a warning. I have given them time to move instances and limited the account for now. After that time has elapsed it will be suspended.

Thanks for letting me know! If you might see this in the future coming from this instance, feel free to PM me, or send in a report πŸ‘

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