Instead of boycotting, piracy is the best way forward. Pirate everything. You get the content you want and not have to worry about feeding Disney or Netflix.

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Stealing it better then just avoiding it completely. Take the cake and eat it too.

@Main_Tomato Still giving them hype & eyeballs & zeitgeist & mindshare, is the problem. But yeah. Some of these new shows and moves are pretty irresistible.

@Sandra @Main_Tomato Also the implication that piracy means creators get no income is pretty bad. I often pirate things but I still try to support creators whose work I love. (Which is why I dislike most streaming services. Just let me throw money directly in the Bee and Puppycat's crew's face, please. But I guess I'm a filthy eurotrash whose support is worthless to US companies.)

@Main_Tomato @csepp @Sandra remember when a college kid was fined $600K for pirating some stupid music

Idk if the riaa was ever fined for how they illegally got the people's identity

Really lovely when soulless corpos are treated like pepole and only get fined in what's relatively pennies
@meeper @Main_Tomato @Sandra @csepp
I'm glad I live in a country where the government and ISPs give zero fucks about piracy

@Main_Tomato Just look how they messed up the availability of Star Trek Discovery for *everyone not in the US* just before the new season launched.

Streaming services can't be trusted.

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