You can't justify getting rid of the BBC but not the royal family that's in the mist of a pedo scandal

@Main_Tomato please note that the guardian headline is massively misrepresentative of the actual statement, and that this is a hilariously obvious dead cat in operation save big dog

@FloatingGhost The BBC is dying unless you vote for Labour. Tories don't believe in public service

@Main_Tomato yes, pay close attention to the words
it's all unconfirmed reports and such and not actual policy

@FloatingGhost the last announcement to renew the funding modal yes. So after that the BBC will need to find a different funding modal. Announcing it's defunding.

@Main_Tomato that's not even how the charter works
she can't actually do anything
there's a general election between now and 2027, and the royal charter ensures funding until then
ultimately it's an empty threat that she can't follow through on in any way

@FloatingGhost I'm aware. But if Labour doesn't win the next election which is highly likely the BBC will privatized

@Main_Tomato not neccesarily the case

3 things need to hold true until 2027 for this to have any weight
- boris needs not not be ousted (very unlikely)
- the current culture secretary needs to keep her job (extremely unlikley)
- AND they need to make good on that threat in an unknown political landscape 5 years from now (unknown)

@FloatingGhost Newsflash all Tories are as corrupt as each other and they're extremely organized. They took Royal Mail, rail, water and energy.

@Main_Tomato yes, but my point stands
this particular threat has no weight since the one making it cannot make good on it
there are too many unknowns

@Main_Tomato wait for the revenge volley. the government have been keeping the BBC in check for a decade by threatening this. now it's coming, the BBC need no longer consider itself reined in... and it's a lot more beloved than the body threatening it.

this is going to be fun! 🍿

@Main_Tomato I kinda hate this but at the same time ... Fuck the BBC. They actively promote hateful bigots who took the fame they got to call for the lynching of trans people.

But tbf, it would be better if they addressed that rather than privatise it.

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