It's only a matter of time before they lock it all behind some shit Microsoft store with insane DRM that's unable to run on Linux or Vulkan

DirectX only, Xbox and Windows only. Unable to run in Proton or Wine. Everything under the "universal windows app" executable

@Main_Tomato I get microsoft getting bigger is bad, but given that I don't want much to do with either company...
@Main_Tomato I mostly wanna play dwarf fortress and cave story and nethack and such.

@dhfir Valve is next, they're the biggest target for them. the biggest store platform and support Linux and alternative OS to Windows.

@Main_Tomato valve's moving to linux specifically to keep independence from microsoft, they're not in hot water like blizzard, they're not giving up without a fight.
@dhfir @Main_Tomato I really agree with this. Valve is one of the very few large corps where I would feel ethically ok working there.
@NeonPurpleStar @Main_Tomato oh yeah, the whole large proprietary semi-monopoly isn't comfy but they seem nice. It's not like Activision/Blizzard ever cared about Linux in the first place

@Main_Tomato @towo The only thing I am reading here is “shitty company buys another shitty company”.
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