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So I found a way to play Doom Eternal without an account but every time i die or reload into the game I have to wait about 2 seconds on a "connecting" screen.

I literally blocked the game from accessing the internet in my firewall.

The people that are anti covid passports but pro voter ID at the same time make me want to cave my head in

The emulation space is much more open to piracy and takes full advantage of whatever device you're using. It's available everywhere and it's as simple as drop a file in and play. It's never limited by the platform you're using

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I think emulating consoles games will be the easiest way to play games in the future, PC games are just going to shit and literally becoming unplayable even on Windows with extreme DRM and begging for accounts

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Anta Baka?!

Hello ! This is a server for a small community but where everyone can share what they love. This instance is going to be mostly about anime/manga or computer science but feel free to share everything you want !