I hate preorder bonuses ... They should be illegal! They exploit people like me ... And I couldn’t resist ... So I preordered the game ...

I want beastmen to be a real thing so I can get a cute tanuki girlfriend like Michiru

Visiting my grandma today and had some baguettes. @Gakamine

They have a device here called Komp which we can share pictures to. I obviously censored out things here :P

@lumi Wait, you’ve got an account on Antabaka.me as well? I don’t understand what’s going on xD

«I’m going to bed» does not mean that I’m going to sleep. It means that I’m going to sit in my bed instead.

«I’m going to sleep» does not mean that I’m gonna sleep. It means that I want to sleep, but will delay it a little more.

«Now I’m really going to sleep» doesn’t mean I’m really going to sleep. It means that now I really want to sleep so I’ll give it a try, but I’ll probably fail.

«This time 4 realz tho» does also not mean that I’m really gonna sleep.

When I fall asleep is when I don’t say anything, because even if I say I’m going to sleep and don’t appear anymore, it probably just means I’m using another social media until I actually manage to sleep xD

Now that Pride Month is over and all, I can switch my pfp to show my support without feeling like I’m just doing it because it’s trending. So I changed my pfp. I may remake it tomorrow using better software, I just quickly made it in an app on my phone atm and it’s not great xD

Basically, I’m putting a pride flag behind Yui that also includes colours for trans and black people :)

*unintelligible fangirl noises*
BNA is so gooood! And Michiru is soooo cuuuute! I love her!

Followed another tutorial for Blender today. I think I'm getting the hang of things and will probably be able to make things myself without following tutorials soon.

Here's the completed version after doing some more 3D stuff in Blender

Final render. I could probably improve it more but I don't know Blender well enough to do so yet. But I think it turned out pretty alright at least!

Last render for today. I'll work a bit more on it tomorrow again

Blender's pretty awesome. It's gotten really easy to use now compared to last time I tried it a few years back (probably like 5 years ago or so)! I made a quick little doughnut to test it out again. I haven't textured it, so it's quite simple

Maybe I should try to @immychan? I think she said something about having done it before?

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I wonder, should I try Hackintosh or Linux? 🤔

And if Hackintosh, anyone got some good guides because I couldn't get it working last time.

If Linux, what do people recommend?

I'm working on the Kitsu database for upcoming anime, and holy shit, it's so out of date ... Everything I've checked so far has something that needs correcting! Stuff that is missing dates, stuff that has old cover images, stuff that doesn't have links to legal streamers, stuff that doesn't have official English translations, stuff that doesn't have synopsises. A lot more work than I expected when I started doing this. xD

I've been working on this ever since I got back home around 8-9 pm. Now it's 12.30 am. xD

This is neat. In there is an accessibility feature to bring the top of the screen down (or a lot of other functions like the control center) by double-tapping the back of the device. And this works really well too! It’s super-neat on the iPhone X as the display is really tall and in some apps, triggering it by dragging down at the bottom of the screen isn’t ideal (looking at you Discord)

Only 12 people are in hospitals as a result of the virus here in Norway at this point. That shows us that Norway’s almost rid of it. I think we did a pretty good job handling the virus in general

First impressions on Dev build 1:
It’s pretty good. The performance is not an issue at all, and I’ve so far not encountered a single issue. The new features are neat and don’t get in the way for anything else. The transltion app is really good so far but lacks a lot of languages.

I’m also feeling this looming feeling that this update is kinda small. They didn’t really do all that much with it. Idk, it feels a bit *too* familiar, and the only obvious UI change is the apps now have less space vertically which looks a bit weird imo

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