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Follow requests are usually accepted, but I prefer if you have at least a profile picture and a short bio. You don't need to interact with me first, but if you have and I like you, I'm more likely to follow you back.

I don't usually follow back, but here are some ideas on what makes it more or less likely for me to follow you.

I'm more likely to follow you if you're
- queer
- neurodiverse
- non-white
- female
- leftist
- feminist

Basically if you're marginalised, you're more likely to be followed because you're immediately more relatable to me.

Other things that make me more likely to follow
- you talk about videogames, anime, FOSS, or other things I like
- you enlighten views I didn't previously see
- we've interacted
- your posts are actually interesting
- you post cute art

I'm neutral on
- cis people
- white people
- neurotypical people
- men
- people with different opinions than me

Makes me less likely to follow
- human profile picture
- full name
- you have your employer in your bio
- centrist
- few posts

I will probably not follow you if
- you use mild slurs infrequently
- you're a capitalist or rightwing in general
- you have nothing on your profile or leave me no impression of you.
- you primarily post in a language I don't speak.
- you're a minor

I will block you if
- you're a TERF or SWERF
- you're a fascist, racist, antisemite, or bigot
- you use slurs frequently or use heavy slurs
- your sense of comedy is to hate on people
- you use sarcasm to defend racism or bigotry
- you're on an instance filled with fascists or bigots (I domain-block those)


This post will serve as a pinned post, so I may re-post it later.

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Reminder that you can't steal from large corporations. It's called reclamation.

Support independent creators and projects. Support FOSS. Support people.

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I really hope that the Twitter stuff going on will make people more aware of the exploitative relationship corporate media forms with you when you let them.

I want to see a day where people realise this and demands better. That all software has to be FOSS. That ads should be illegal. That the profit motive shouldn't be a thing. The motive should be maximising comfort.

I think EU could push towards a FOSS future at least. They've already done some good to dismantle the monopolies with the DMA.

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Sandwich-board style black board sign on a city sidewalk, next to a pale yellow block wall. The sign is written on with yellow chalk, except the last line is in a blueish white.

marriage is not
gay privilege, it's
equal rights.
Privilege would be
something like gay
people not paying
Like Churches don't."

The last line is underlined.

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another day another CVE caused by error handling being seen as optional by languages

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$130.54/1450 (will update frequently)


It’s Jay. I’m a terminally ill black, disabled non-binary lesbian. I only get $800 from disability and our rent is $1450 (we have an affordable housing unit and are waiting for rent subsidy. I’m trying to keep my check to buy food for when grandma comes from South Africa. Our rent situation is an emergency.


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the five stages of grief, illustrated by PROGRAMMING:

denial: “maybe if i keep changing the code slightly, it will magically fix itself!”


bargaining: “how many infants do i need to sacrifice to delete this library from existence?”

depression: “you know what, maybe this is just a metaphor for life… everything will go wrong and there is nothing i can do to ever fix it”

acceptance: rm -rf ~/src

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Why does this Mr. Beast thumbnail look like he's taking away a child's hearing aid

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when John Lennon told me to imagine no possessions I just don't think he was envisioning a world where everything in my life is available only through a subscription-based model because the costs of personal property have been intentionally placed beyond my reach

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Wait wait

German for "we're hiring" is "wir suchen dich" ?????

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also yes i know everyone and their mother has already complained about projects using discord as a wiki or repo
but we wouldn't keep repeating ourselves IF IT DIDN'T KEPT HAPPENING

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if nintendo is really that against emulation, i think they should probably delist all of the game collections on the nintendo switch and also discontinue their classic games available to switch online members, after all, all of those collections use emulation, which is illegal
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how about you go fuck yourself
i hate when projects pretend discord is a good way to share/archive information

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nintendo finding out they only re-released earthbound because a community was fostered around emulating the game on PC: "they're stifling innovation guys they're hurting us please stop emulating :((("

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new update from nintendo: they responded to kotaku's reach out for comment on them C&Ding dolphin from steam

they said, and i quote: "This emulator illegally circumvents Nintendo’s protection measures and runs illegal copies of games. Using illegal emulators or illegal copies of games harms development and ultimately stifles innovation"

anyways nintendo continues to think all emulators are illegal, keep pirating their shit

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@doot This famous XKCD comic sums up my thoughts on free speech perfectly after all these years 😌

#XKCD #FreeSpeech

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I think it hasn't quite clicked for a lot of people that Asahi can and already is shipping many OpenGL features missing in Apple's macOS driver.

Sure, it takes a while to build up to 100% support (or close) for each base OpenGL version before we can enable it, but that doesn't mean the process is linear. Open up Mesa Matrix and look at how much green there is for Asahi all the way to OpenGL 4.5 already!

Also... technically, Apple does not have "OpenGL" drivers for Apple Silicon in macOS. They have drivers that implement most of the API, but they can't say they officially support OpenGL because they haven't signed up to be officially certified (and, in fact, their buggy driver would not pass the conformance test suite for any OpenGL version).

Asahi happens to actually pass the OpenGL ES 2.0 tests already (and @alyssa's branch is like one test away from 3.0)... and we fully intend to get certified and become the world's first real OpenGL implementation on Apple Silicon ;)
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"we dont sell ur data" we simply collect it and run analytical algos and sell access to our insights
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