People tire me out so much ... I had to leave the "party" today because I just couldn't handle all the noise and everything else. Can't wait to get home tbh ...

Been doing lots of web development lately.

• Been re-learning JavaScript (still needs work)
• Been learning more advanced HTML + CSS
• Been learning GraphQL (and a little JSON/REST API)
• Am currently learning React.js

Stuff I've made:

AniList post backup tool which formats the posts and comments to HTML and Markdown for Joplin

AniList user stylesheet for darkmode with higher contrast

So, struggling to figure out what instance to switch to now that AntaBaka is ending soon ...

I like the idea of the iOS app library. However, it’s kinda annoying with the lack of any customisation to it. I mean, I use many different listing services, but they’re all in separate locations. Some are in social, some in entertainment, others, who knows? I’d like to have a single folder in there for all my tracking services. But I also don’t want it on my homescreen

Just wanted to share this absolutely amazing notation software. Yes, this is FOSS and uses markdown to render the text, with support for lots of cool stuff!

How much baka would a baka bark if a baka could bark baka?

Redid a lot of my Yui Live2D model. Now I have to redo a lot of animation ... At least the hair seems to have stayed intact so I don’t have to do that again (because animating the hair was a huge pain).

This revised version will have different emotions, longer body, and I’ll make sure to animate head up and down movement better :P

Working on redrawing Yui so I can make her into a virtual idol. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. Here’s my latest screenshot of it (tho, not how far I’ve gotten)

Note that I have to draw stuff that is not always visible in case the head rotates and it becomes visible

I’m also really worried for a friend that was going to be gone for a weekend to focus on their mental health, but has now been gone for two weeks. I’m worried she ended her own life, and I’ll never find out if that’s the case ... I’m just really worried for her :’(

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Why do I lose so many friends all the time? Especially lately? Everyone say they’ll stay, and while I commit and actually stay around, other people keep leaving ... I’m feeling like I’ve lost so many friends lately :/

As much as I love GDPA, it’s also annoying how every site implements things differently, and finding the way in which I can turn off data collection can sometimes be hard. And it’s also annoying having to do and redo it on every site I visit ...

It’s great for privacy, but a massive annoyance at the same time. They obviously still want your data, so they try to do what they can to get you to accept them collecting it by making it as unintuitive and put the «accept all» button much more prominent than the opposite.

Also, why is it that a big Norwegian newspaper require you to log in to turn it off?!?! How is that even legal?!

I got this very sweet message on my blog about a month ago, but I totally missed it as I haven't written there in quite a while. And I responded to her and gave her my contact information (Discord and Kitsu) because she seemed like a really nice person, but I haven't gotten a response. I feel like I missed the opportunity to make a good friend because I wasn't active enough :(

Here's hoping she'll log in again sometime soon

So, today I got called up by an administrator at a school. Apparently the teaching job I had previously applied to which I got declined because they couldn’t finance it had been forwarded to another school and they were looking for someone to do music classes for them.

Well, on Wednesday I’m going to an interview, but based on how she talked, it seems to me like I’m already almost guaranteed the job and they just need to formalise it.

Now, the interesting part is that I decided to look up my old music teacher to ask him for some tips before I go to the interview but it seems like he’s the guy I’m going to substitute. Apparently he’s gone to another school and he’s now the one I’m going to substitute! Well, there might be some wrong information here on the internet, but it actually seems that way xD

I’m super excited about this and am definitely still going to fight to make sure I get it. I’ll be practising interviews with my dad who is an employer!

I’m addicted to PreCure, plz send help

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So, I became a cleaner and redrawer for a scanlation group. Well, let’s just say, I’m not stating that I’m non-binary gender-fluid there. I’ll just say I’m female if anyone asks. And even that’s bad enough ... Like, one of my first interaction was with someone asking me:

«Are you a gorl? :spice:»

«Who knows?»

«:that creepy Mike Wazovsky emote thingy:

Like, not a very pleasant way to first get in there ... I’m only sticking for a bit because the first person I met was cool, and I’m using it to get some drawing practice without having to be all that creative

Having ADD sucks. It’s just getting worse and worse too. Thanks to whomever got my hopes up I’d grow out of it when they said most people grow out of it when they get older. Hah, good one. It’s the opposite for me!

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