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Follow requests are usually accepted, but I prefer if you have at least a profile picture and a short bio. You don't need to interact with me first, but if you have and I like you, I'm more likely to follow you back.

I don't usually follow back, but here are some ideas on what makes it more or less likely for me to follow you.

I'm more likely to follow you if you're
- queer
- neurodiverse
- non-white
- female
- leftist
- feminist

Basically if you're marginalised, you're more likely to be followed because you're immediately more relatable to me.

Other things that make me more likely to follow
- you talk about videogames, anime, FOSS, or other things I like
- you enlighten views I didn't previously see
- we've interacted
- your posts are actually interesting
- you post cute art

I'm neutral on
- cis people
- white people
- neurotypical people
- men
- people with different opinions than me

Makes me less likely to follow
- human profile picture
- full name
- you have your employer in your bio
- centrist
- few posts

I will probably not follow you if
- you use mild slurs infrequently
- you're a capitalist or rightwing in general
- you have nothing on your profile or leave me no impression of you.
- you primarily post in a language I don't speak.
- you're a minor

I will block you if
- you're a TERF or SWERF
- you're a fascist, racist, antisemite, or bigot
- you use slurs frequently or use heavy slurs
- your sense of comedy is to hate on people
- you use sarcasm to defend racism or bigotry
- you're on an instance filled with fascists or bigots (I domain-block those)


This post will serve as a pinned post, so I may re-post it later.

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Reminder that you can't steal from large corporations. It's called reclamation.

Support independent creators and projects. Support FOSS. Support people.

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I really hope that the Twitter stuff going on will make people more aware of the exploitative relationship corporate media forms with you when you let them.

I want to see a day where people realise this and demands better. That all software has to be FOSS. That ads should be illegal. That the profit motive shouldn't be a thing. The motive should be maximising comfort.

I think EU could push towards a FOSS future at least. They've already done some good to dismantle the monopolies with the DMA.

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This feels appropriate for the second thing I've ever posted to mastodon.

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figuring out what fedi drama is about is like staring at environmental storytelling in a game. no one tells you directly but you need to infer it from a million different peoples' posts

Nintendo, can you plz make 2D Zelda games again? We haven't had a new original one in years ...

Just a reminder that

ActivisionBlizzard is a company that protects abusers and actively attempts to unionbust. The CEO, Bobby Cockdick, has partaken in said abuse and is paid a fuckton of money while the workers have to choose between paying rent or eating at the work cafeteria. They have a bodycount.

Ubisoft have been actively protecting sexual abusers. The CEO is friends with these abusers and they have done nothing to fix these issues in the two years since it was made public other than move the abusers around to other departments where they kepy abusing people.

Nintendo of America has been attempting to unionbust, tho they actually lost a lawsuit on this which forced them to put up signs that says they can't stop a union from forming. But they've also been abusing workers, especially contractors.

I know this list is much longer, but I can't remember all of them. But it should be clearly said that all game corporations should be investigated on the assumption that there is abuse taking place at the companies.

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the future of social media is going to be bots yelling at bots

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My favorite type of hoax is when someone poses as a spokesperson from an evil company, make a statement that they are gonna do an unambigiously good deed and then watch as the company is forced to issue a statement saying, in effect, that they are evil and they intend to continue being evil.

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This graph speaks for itself. It is factual, hard data about global temperature rise over the last 2019 years.

This graph is based on solid peer-reviewed #science. #Climate deniers hate on this "hockey stick" graph, but their objections have been thoroughly debunked.

Show a climate-denier this graph and link. Lead them to water, even if they won't drink.

Link Sauce :

#ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming

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The reason you cannot debate people like Blenn Shafiro is that it takes them 10-20 seconds to spout so much bullshit that you'd need an hour to fully deconstruct and debunk it.

If the official Mastodon app would show the entire CW, I'd probably use it more. But I can't really write a CW that catches people's attention and also warns when it'll be cut off after just a few words ...

In case anyone wonders why I didn't CW this, it's because I think it's important that cis people sees it. I added the CWs before the link instead and the video itself starts with CWs

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I'm sharing this video mostly for cis people. It's a video showing why you need to care and help fight for trans people's rights. A video on the growing fascism in the US and how conservative media and how their anti-LGBTQIA+ retoric pushes people into seeing violence as a necessity. And it's about the pain this all ultimately leads to, not just to trans people but to all people.

I think it's important that cis people watch it. To understand that the pain of trans people, of queer people, is the pain of all people.

For you trans people, unless you're seriously prepared to be scared, I think you may want to give this one a skip. The video is painful. I ended up crying despite being pretty hardened. Especially when the man who stopped the Colorado shooter talked about his experience.

This video by Jessie Gender is not the trans perspective on the sadly increasing amount of mass shootings targeted at queer people. It's a human perspective on it.

CW: hatespeech, bigotry, homo/transphobia, violence and murder, mass shootings, suicide

Cis people, please boost.

What truly is a Monday without a ? Well, idk, we get a new one every single Monday! And they always manage to brighten my mood. This one's about Pokémon.

Whomever thought it was a good idea to make the cap on soda bottles act like a lid should be fired ...

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It's hilarious everytime a notorious bad actor tries to setup here, only for the community to quickly rally together and defederate their entire instance. This, sometimes, for people who have gone years without being held accountable elsewhere, and with underfunded instance admins using inadequate tooling.

It's almost like communities are perfectly suited for protecting themselves.

Also, donate to your local admins 😊

CSS :has() is amazing btw. Incredibly powerful! I feel like CSS's recent additions in general have been highly focused on getting rid of the div-hellholes.

The curse of being a frontend programmer is that when you spot an issue on a website you frequent, you have to fix it, no matter how much time it takes ... At least I now have a dark-themed post composer and it says "Post" instead of "Toot" xD

Actually, that last one required me to enable the CSS :has() flag in Firefox and had me encountering a bug with it as well, but whatever, hovering over the button fixes that again :p

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making an AI learn from user content has two possible outcomes:
- it becomes extremely gay and horny
- it becomes extremely racist
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