I wonder, should I try Hackintosh or Linux? 🤔

And if Hackintosh, anyone got some good guides because I couldn't get it working last time.

If Linux, what do people recommend?


Maybe I should try to @immychan? I think she said something about having done it before?

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@Reina I've done both of the above ^ ^

For the hackintosh this is a good guide: hackintosh.gitbook.io/-r-hacki

For Linux there's any number of good distros out there, Ubuntu seems to be the best supported but I personally recommend Solus OS as it's very polished, but with Linux ideally you'd try a few before you find the one that you like

@immychan I've got an Nvidia GPU, where can I get a macOS install that works with my GPU? My real Mac is probably on a version too new to install an Nvidia supported macOS version I think

@Reina Sadly we're both out of luck as I have an Nvidia GPU too, and due to some disagreements between Apple and Nvidia the newest version of macOS you can run is High Sierra, if you want to install that I can point you in the right direction though

@immychan I'm good running an older version but I don't know where to find it xD

@Reina Depends how you want to make the macOS install, if you want to do it through Windows this guide is good and doesn't need a real Mac: internet-install.gitbook.io/ma

If you want to do it from a real mac you can use this program to download macOS High Sierra and follow any other Hackintosh guide: dosdude1.com/highsierra/ (I know it's a patcher but it can also be used to download vanilla macOS)

If you do end up doing this let me know how you get on, I'm curious how usable High Sierra is these days

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