«I’m going to bed» does not mean that I’m going to sleep. It means that I’m going to sit in my bed instead.

«I’m going to sleep» does not mean that I’m gonna sleep. It means that I want to sleep, but will delay it a little more.

«Now I’m really going to sleep» doesn’t mean I’m really going to sleep. It means that now I really want to sleep so I’ll give it a try, but I’ll probably fail.

«This time 4 realz tho» does also not mean that I’m really gonna sleep.

When I fall asleep is when I don’t say anything, because even if I say I’m going to sleep and don’t appear anymore, it probably just means I’m using another social media until I actually manage to sleep xD


"I'm going to bed."
*3 hours later*
*glare of screen reflects from face in the darkness*

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