If I could pick any style of clothing I’d want to wear free of societal norms and expectations, I’d probably want to wear something akin to this generic picture I found online

@Reina It's honestly kinda weird how it's not socially acceptable for men to wear dresses. It's just so arbitrary, and like something simple like that would probably look fine.

@Cowwan @Reina agreed, it's incredibly arbitrary and kind of sucks because dresses are really comfortable and are better suited to male anatomy

@immychan @Reina tbh, that first dress is basically a more form fitting version of the t-shirt I'm wearing right now, and yeah, it's pretty comfortable.

Could see where this could get uncomfy.

My Ancient Greek teacher was a priest of Ankh and dressed similar to this. They were a bit chubbier and it was a meh look.
Then you can probably pull it off :blobcatuwu:

Only issue might be sitting if it's one long tube? :blobcatthink:

@ultem I would prefer ones that aren’t super-tight still at least :P

@ultem @Reina This, I can imagine Reina looking amazing in something like that

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