**Death Stranding**
*First impressions (after 7 hours)*

Death Stranding finally came out on PC today and holy shit, this is probably the most graphically beautiful game I've seen so far. Especially on a technical level, but also in terms of art style.

The game is also just really fun imo. Yes, I know opinions are very split on that, and tbh, I just don't understand why reviewers are totally playing the game wrong? Like, do they not read the tutorial or learn from their mistakes? Because I really don't have any problems with falling over so far and I'm now 7 hours in ...

The game struggles a bit with its pacing tho. At one point you'll have long stretches of just (really good) cutscenes, and then you'll have very long stretches of no cutscenes at all. I'm now really missing those cutscenes as they are incredibly well done!

First impressions, the game is absolutely fantastic, and it's a joy exploring the world. It has some pacing issues, but the beauty of the world sorta makes up for it. Is it a masterpiece? Not sure yet, we'll have to see how it unfolds.

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