Would people be interested in mix/production analyses of music? As in, I pick a song and break down what I hear is going on in the song, maybe add my thoughts on how I’d personally do things differently and stuff?

I got the idea when hearing a song which I really like but where they’re using some techniques that have become more popular lately which I’m not a fan of.

For reference, I’ve got an education in music technology, so I have some knowledge on the topic

@Reina I'd absolutely love to see something like that, how would you do it? as a video or a text post or something?

@immychan Not sure yet, but probably text because of copyright

@Reina I mean, you could upload it directly to Mastodon or a PeerTube where it probably wouldn't matter

@immychan It’d not just that. It would also reflect poorly on myself if I uploaded videos with copyrighted music in them for my future

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