Does anyone know any free note taking software that lets you sort things into topics and sub-topics that has formating and looks somewhat pleasing to the eyes?

I really like OneNote but that’s a bit too complex for the simple notes I want to take, and Evernote kinda sucks unless you pay for it (limited amount of devices can use the same profile)

@Reina I haven't used it in a while, but maybe Turtl would fit the bill

@Reina well, I don’t know if it could be useful for what you need but I like to organize my stuff in a website named Trello. You can have to-do list sorted in different categories and also you can add a thing that can show how much progress you’ve made (at least what in use that for)
You can also (not obligatory) make them public so people can consult them at any time, this is useful when I have open commissions and my clients wants to know how much I have done for their commission

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