I really hope that the Twitter stuff going on will make people more aware of the exploitative relationship corporate media forms with you when you let them.

I want to see a day where people realise this and demands better. That all software has to be FOSS. That ads should be illegal. That the profit motive shouldn't be a thing. The motive should be maximising comfort.

I think EU could push towards a FOSS future at least. They've already done some good to dismantle the monopolies with the DMA.

>The motive should be maximising comfort.
This explains a lot about your perspective.

@Reina they're pouring millions into funding FOSS as well. And doing it in an actual useful way — run by people who know FOSS, with a relatively easy and not-too-intimidating application process suitable for individuals, funding lots of small projects rather than sinking millions into megaprojects from big consultancies.

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