Follow requests are usually accepted, but I prefer if you have at least a profile picture and a short bio. You don't need to interact with me first, but if you have and I like you, I'm more likely to follow you back.

I don't usually follow back, but here are some ideas on what makes it more or less likely for me to follow you.

I'm more likely to follow you if you're
- queer
- neurodiverse
- non-white
- female
- leftist
- feminist

Basically if you're marginalised, you're more likely to be followed because you're immediately more relatable to me.

Other things that make me more likely to follow
- you talk about videogames, anime, FOSS, or other things I like
- you enlighten views I didn't previously see
- we've interacted
- your posts are actually interesting
- you post cute art

I'm neutral on
- cis people
- white people
- neurotypical people
- men
- people with different opinions than me

Makes me less likely to follow
- human profile picture
- full name
- you have your employer in your bio
- centrist
- few posts

I will probably not follow you if
- you use mild slurs infrequently
- you're a capitalist or rightwing in general
- you have nothing on your profile or leave me no impression of you.
- you primarily post in a language I don't speak.
- you're a minor

I will block you if
- you're a TERF or SWERF
- you're a fascist, racist, antisemite, or bigot
- you use slurs frequently or use heavy slurs
- your sense of comedy is to hate on people
- you use sarcasm to defend racism or bigotry
- you're on an instance filled with fascists or bigots (I domain-block those)


This post will serve as a pinned post, so I may re-post it later.

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@Reina would you follow me?? im half "marginalized", but im half ancap and right wing, so idk mew

@lilycatgirl3 Nope, but I'd accept a follow.

I view ancap as a highly destructive political system. Well, more like anarchy and capitalism are mutually exclusive because capitalism requires violence and hierarchy to function. Ergo, anarcho capitalism is an oxymoron.

It will eventually always lead to monopolies which will function as a state, except this state does not give you a vote unless you're rich. Oh, and you won't be rich because workers will be treated as poorly as Uber drivers or even worse because when you need money to live and there are no security nets, you are easily exploitable.

Corporations are not your friend, they're always out to screw you over. Individual freedom only comes with collective rights.

@Reina capitalism isn't violence mew.. but oki thank u!!! pls have a nice day!!
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