I'm sharing this video mostly for cis people. It's a video showing why you need to care and help fight for trans people's rights. A video on the growing fascism in the US and how conservative media and how their anti-LGBTQIA+ retoric pushes people into seeing violence as a necessity. And it's about the pain this all ultimately leads to, not just to trans people but to all people.

I think it's important that cis people watch it. To understand that the pain of trans people, of queer people, is the pain of all people.

For you trans people, unless you're seriously prepared to be scared, I think you may want to give this one a skip. The video is painful. I ended up crying despite being pretty hardened. Especially when the man who stopped the Colorado shooter talked about his experience.

This video by Jessie Gender is not the trans perspective on the sadly increasing amount of mass shootings targeted at queer people. It's a human perspective on it.

CW: hatespeech, bigotry, homo/transphobia, violence and murder, mass shootings, suicide

Cis people, please boost.

In case anyone wonders why I didn't CW this, it's because I think it's important that cis people sees it. I added the CWs before the link instead and the video itself starts with CWs

@Reina yeah I'm subbed to her, but I haven't watched the video yet. I'm definitely gonna give it a watch when I've the chance

@jaguar019 It was really good. But it also made me feel really bad after watching it. Scared actually. It's probably her most impactful video so far.

@Reina 🫂 yeah I find her longer videos about transphobic/homophobic people (i.e. Matt Walsh) kinda exhausting in an emotional sense as well

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