Asuka’s shit. Rei is best-girl 

Got you! Askuka is obviously best-girl!

Very cool 

I kinda forgot to post cool stuff here. Here’s some cool images I found online

"D"eath "S"tranding is the "D"ark "S"ouls of walking simulators

**Death Stranding**
*First impressions (after 7 hours)*

Death Stranding finally came out on PC today and holy shit, this is probably the most graphically beautiful game I've seen so far. Especially on a technical level, but also in terms of art style.

The game is also just really fun imo. Yes, I know opinions are very split on that, and tbh, I just don't understand why reviewers are totally playing the game wrong? Like, do they not read the tutorial or learn from their mistakes? Because I really don't have any problems with falling over so far and I'm now 7 hours in ...

The game struggles a bit with its pacing tho. At one point you'll have long stretches of just (really good) cutscenes, and then you'll have very long stretches of no cutscenes at all. I'm now really missing those cutscenes as they are incredibly well done!

First impressions, the game is absolutely fantastic, and it's a joy exploring the world. It has some pacing issues, but the beauty of the world sorta makes up for it. Is it a masterpiece? Not sure yet, we'll have to see how it unfolds.

If I could pick any style of clothing I’d want to wear free of societal norms and expectations, I’d probably want to wear something akin to this generic picture I found online

I hate preorder bonuses ... They should be illegal! They exploit people like me ... And I couldn’t resist ... So I preordered the game ...

I want beastmen to be a real thing so I can get a cute tanuki girlfriend like Michiru

Visiting my grandma today and had some baguettes. @Gakamine

They have a device here called Komp which we can share pictures to. I obviously censored out things here :P

Now that Pride Month is over and all, I can switch my pfp to show my support without feeling like I’m just doing it because it’s trending. So I changed my pfp. I may remake it tomorrow using better software, I just quickly made it in an app on my phone atm and it’s not great xD

Basically, I’m putting a pride flag behind Yui that also includes colours for trans and black people :)

*unintelligible fangirl noises*
BNA is so gooood! And Michiru is soooo cuuuute! I love her!

Followed another tutorial for Blender today. I think I'm getting the hang of things and will probably be able to make things myself without following tutorials soon.

Here's the completed version after doing some more 3D stuff in Blender

Final render. I could probably improve it more but I don't know Blender well enough to do so yet. But I think it turned out pretty alright at least!

Last render for today. I'll work a bit more on it tomorrow again

Blender's pretty awesome. It's gotten really easy to use now compared to last time I tried it a few years back (probably like 5 years ago or so)! I made a quick little doughnut to test it out again. I haven't textured it, so it's quite simple

Dark Souls 1, Anor Londo spoiler 

Reaching Anor Londo is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in any games. The royal feeling of the place and then realising that the castle is a legit place you can go to and not just a cardboard cutout in the background. Truly mindblowing.

(stole image from the interwebs, not my character)

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