If I freeze this, do I get free speech?

Was that too dry for you?

Damn, just did a huge optimisation. Like, I went from making 10+ individual API requests to fetch data about a set of users, to instead gather them all with a single request.

I was able to do this thanks to GraphQL aliases basically.

@JPEGuin Otherwise, my only real gripe is all this whitespace here. This is a preference thing, sure, but I'd prefer having the username and the @ handle take up the same height as the profile picture and giving the post the full width rather than displaying it next to the profile picture. For anything more than just a single sentence or two, that should be more space-efficient.

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I used to feel like RasPi was one of few brands I could shill because they did good. But holy shit, hiring a copper and bragging about it, as well as the frankly immature and unprofessional responses to valid concerns over this ... I'm just ... this really bothers me ...

Whomever thought it was a good idea to make the cap on soda bottles act like a lid should be fired ...

The curse of being a frontend programmer is that when you spot an issue on a website you frequent, you have to fix it, no matter how much time it takes ... At least I now have a dark-themed post composer and it says "Post" instead of "Toot" xD

Actually, that last one required me to enable the CSS :has() flag in Firefox and had me encountering a bug with it as well, but whatever, hovering over the button fixes that again :p

Okay, I've done more investigation and I'm now conceding my earlier views on the state of games on Linux. This will probably be my final time changing my views on the current state as I don't think there's any more config I need to do on my part anymore. Also, this will kinda serve as a guide on how to play games on Linux with very few sacrificies.

So, games on Linux generally works pretty well. You may encounter some bugs here and there and currently it seems like most games don't support raytracing, Control being an exception (and it worked perfectly for me).

If you're using an Nvidia card, you need to make sure you're running your desktop through Xorg, not Wayland. While Wayland works, Nvidia's drivers suck on Wayland, so you'll encounter issues. You should also not use multiple monitors with different refreshrates (unless they fixed that, haven't verified).

You should also make sure you use the latest non-free Nvidia drivers if you want DLSS to work and raytracing in the couple of games that supports it. If you don't care about those (and have a new GPU), you can pick the free drivers.

If you're dualbooting with Windows and have drives formatted as NTFS with your games on them, you need to do extra config. It's not that difficult, but it requires using the terminal a bit. But if you're using Linux, you probably don't mind that anyway I'd assume. Valve did a great guide on how to get NTFS drives working with Steam and Proton here

And that's about it. Games will work pretty much flawlessly so long as they work well in the first place. ProtonDB is a nice place to check if the games you own work well or not. Most of my games should work well.

I don't know for sure if this is real, but it seems like it actually.

I'd wish the Mastodon icons were a bit more consistent visually. The home icon looks really small next to all the other icons ...

#fediblock beefyboys.win (racism/bigotry) 


Basically a 4chan-like instance. Layers of sarcasm to hide that they're actually just racist and bigoted. They have no rules against racism/bigotry and the rules state that they'll lean in favour of whatever being posted is parody. That shows from the people posting there.

The stuff posted include lots of slurs and explicit racism and bigotry. I'll be sharing a couple of screenshots below just for proof. If you don't want to see bigotry or racism, do not even open it.

I'm not transcribing all the text for visually impaired people here because of the amount of disgusting shit in there, but I'll give a brief description of what they are about.

I can't remember giving Atlus permission to use my likeness in their game!

The EU is apparently proposing additional requirements to short-term accomodations. While I think this is for the better, I feel like it's a bit like The Onion's video on how we can make the war in Iraq eco-friendly.

The issue is that platform capitalism is a major issue and adding regulation to this doesn't fix that. It's just missing the actual problem.

(too much text to caption it all, sorry. The short of it is that it requires government registration and verification to provide short-term accomodation. This helps prevent illegal rental, which may prevent people from buying proprerty just to provide as short-term rentals)

The Onion video I mentioned

I knew I'd love Futaba Sakura before I started P5R. Now that I've met her in the game, I can confirm that I was indeed correct and she's precious. I want to give her lots of hugs and headpats and tell her that it'll be alright owo

Please don't do stuff like this. Even if GitHub is a for-profit, it reflects poorly on the FOSS community and the result could be that we don't get free buildtime on there!

(for the record, I haven't watched the video, maybe it tells you not to do this)

Fediblock recommendation for fascism + homophobia 

So, I'll recommend a of cawfee.club. They seem to allow their users to post QAnon shit and several users post transphobic stuff. Their known network is also filled to the brim with explicit neonazi shit.

First screenshot is a collection of users from that instance. Second is stuff I saw on their known network

I like the idea of the iOS app library. However, it’s kinda annoying with the lack of any customisation to it. I mean, I use many different listing services, but they’re all in separate locations. Some are in social, some in entertainment, others, who knows? I’d like to have a single folder in there for all my tracking services. But I also don’t want it on my homescreen

Working on redrawing Yui so I can make her into a virtual idol. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. Here’s my latest screenshot of it (tho, not how far I’ve gotten)

Note that I have to draw stuff that is not always visible in case the head rotates and it becomes visible

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