Evangelion Rebuild hate, tho I love the OG series (No spoilers) 

The Evangelion rebuilds are as I’ve said many times before absolute rubbish. I hate them.

The first one is good as it doesn’t change the appeal of the show or anything. The second one starts changing the appeal of the show and introduces changes to the characters that ruins them in a bad way compared to the great characters in the original series. The third one is broken beyond repair. There is no redeeming that movie. Its only good scene is the Kaworu piano scene and the whole movie should’ve just been that.

Now, whenever the fourth movie comes out, there is one way it can redeem the previous movies. If it makes the whole thing an alternate reality to the series and not a reboot, it can redeem the second movie despite how it ruins the characters, as at least it isn’t the same characters then.

The rebuild movies as they stand feel like they’re movies made for an audience that didn’t like the original series, and feel more of a slap in the face for everyone that saw the appeal of the series. Especially so for people like me who preferred the original ending.

The third movie is such a narrative mess, with tons of stupid stuff happening, mental breakdowns with no substance, and loose threads that feel more like they were forgotten than they are left to resolve later. And the plot holes ... Holy shit, the plot holes. And contrivances too I suppose. It’s riddled with it all!

No. Fuck that movie. There is no saving that. Even if the final movie is fucking fantastic, they can never fix that broken pile of shit! But at least the second movie can get a single score raise if they make it officially an alternate timeline.

Anyway, /rant. Thanks for listening to my hate. I’m still not over the disappointment of these movies. I love the series too much.

Oh, and just to be clear, I watched the movies shortly after the series (a couple of days) and I don’t have any nostalgia to the series at all. I went into the movies expecting them to be different and I accepted that. Different is fine. The introduction of Kaworu in the reboot was much better than the series for instance. But not even comparing to the series, Evangelion 3.0 is so bad, I’d still give it scores below 5. It having the Evangelion name on it means I put it as low as a 1 tho, and it’s my lowest rated 1 closely followed by the Boogiepop (2019) anime.

Evangelion Rebuild movies hate. I love the OG series (no spoilers) 

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