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@Wolven US cops spend on average 71 hours on gun training but only 21 hours on deescalation. Total police training is about 750 hours for US vs 4000 over hours for Germans and almost 5500 hours for Finland.
source: BBC

For the record, I'm asking this because I want some input on it. I have a preference myself, but I'd like to see what other people think as well. Perhaps there are pros to the option I wouldn't have picked that I didn't see. I'll share my opinions later.

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If you had the choice, would you prefer fewer workdays or shorter work days? Please explain why in the comments :)

I'm not providing an option for both as I'm curious what people would pick if they could only have one of them, and what exact amount of days/hours is kinda irrelevant. It would be whatever you think is best.

Please do boost so I can get more responses.

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These models are bad at facts and figures, as some have already pointed out in response to this thread. They are crap at fact-checking, too!

But you know what ChatGPT is great at? Creating misinformation. It is Mansplaining-as-a-Service (I wish I had invented this term!).

It generates confident-sounding plausibly-looking factually-incorrect text. Generating misinformation just became whole lot faster and cheaper!

Meanwhile, we only have a precious few overworked fact-checkers. 👀


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:kittysit: something i’m interested in (for no real reason): if you have used multiple kinds of (microblogging) fedi servers, do you have a preference? and if so, what is it?

(boost if you want to! no pressure)

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So the CEO of online ads giant IAB made a pretty… remarkable speech, saying:

"These extremists (referring to privacy advocates) are political opportunists who’ve made it their mission to cripple the advertising industry and eliminate it from the American economy and culture."

And this, friends, is our mission statement RIGHT THERE.

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@chjara switch has youtube, and I *think* you could buy and watch shrek through that

so switch does indeed have shrek

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@maia I'm more surprised she knows about you. But I guess that's just because I didn't know you were "famous" xD

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If you’re a trans person in the UK get yourself on a GIC waiting list. It doesn’t matter what stage of your transition you really at, it doesn’t even really matter if you’re not sure you need the GIC yet. Get yourself on the list. You’ll probably receive some pushback from your GP, remind them that you’re required to give you a referral.

The reason why I say this is because I know a lot of trans people who leave getting a GIC referral until well after they’ve started private care, which is something that can cost a lot of money. Furthermore, if the UK keeps going the way that it’s going you’ll probably need that gender dysphoria diagnosis

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I am very excited to announce that after almost four and a half years of development, Tusker is now available on the App Store!

(boosts appreciated!)
3 screenshots of Tusker, showin…
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I have about 20 hours available during the week for part-time web design, development, and/or product management gigs. I'm open to full-time if the fit is right, but ideally, I want time during the week to continue development on Fipamo and The Bad Space, so finding a balance between contract work and my project is the best scenario.

I do a ton of stuff on the front and back end, and two decades of experience building makes me a great fit for teams that need direction and organizing priorities.

For more details, check out my
profile, and if one has any questions, feel free to send me a note.

Don't be shy. I'm here to help.

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Artist Jonathan Harris and his painting titled “Critical Race Theory”.

It is Monday and a new is out!

It seems like Squenix truly loves being a villain, so they're once again under scrutiny as they dunk yet another videogame they promised to support for several years.

You know, earlier today I watched an older Jimquisition and I noticed something. James Stephanie Sterling sounds so much happier these days than they ever did before. They've also gotten pretty cute tbh owo

@immychan I was there when the video came out actually. But seeing what it was about, I decided it wasn't worth having to clean up after the dog if he pooped inside. Yet another video about Squenix, making it 3/4 for this month ...

@immychan In my defence, I had to walk the doggo and when I got back, I was more focused on having to write my Kitsu Anime Awards speeches (but got distracted by my laptop not having the GNOME extensions I'm used to ...)

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Yesterday, I had my first experience with that silly chat bot being used in class. We were researching the current SCOTUS justices and their confirmation processes and I realized several students were using the chat bot for research. They said "it's so much faster than Google." I definitely did an old man eye roll and also laughed because the information it gave them factually was incorrect.

This future is stupid.

I want candy but we're out of candy ...
Cravings go :PikaWut:

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