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I find it funny as whenever I meet fellow Norwegians on the internet, it’s usually in the middle of the night, and we usually talk in English even if we both know the other person is Norwegian xD

I think I’ll be going back to macOS whenever I can afford to replace my old Mac (Late 2013) so that I can start using Logic Pro X again and stuff. I really like Apple’s ease-of-use, so I’d gladly switch away for work tasks and keep my PC purely for gaming.

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Going for their own silicon in upcoming Macs sounds really awesome. One of the best parts of Apple has always been that they have great control of what hardware all their devices have, so the software could be really well optimised for that, and now that they’re making their own processing units, this could make this aspect even more appealing about them.

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iPadOS looks to have improved Apple Pencil support across the system which is neat as an early adopter of it. It’s nice that all these features are still supported on my first-gen iPad Pro!

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Making HomeKit open-source is awesome and a great step forward! Let’s hope they start making more parts of their code open-source to really prove that their security is as good as they claim!

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So, the new iOS 14 features look pretty slick. I’m excited about it! Especially because my iPhone’s app list is messy af (except the home page) and I have no idea where anything is, so having it cleaned up for me automagically sounds quite appealing xD

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Damn, Apple just made HomeKit open-source! I didn’t expect them to do that!

HomeKit being the app for all smart home stuff

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Best way of getting help with Linux:

1. Claim that Linux can't do something.
2. Wait for nerd rage.
3. Get large number of solutions far superior to what you can find on Google.

Just found out about this thing which is pretty much decentralised Discord/Slack. I’m sure @lumi would be interested in this if people start using it

I kinda want followers now so I can post about cool stuff and actually get replies. I forgot what it’s like being new to a social media and not have a following after being popular elsewhere xD

Dark Souls 1, Anor Londo spoiler 

Reaching Anor Londo is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in any games. The royal feeling of the place and then realising that the castle is a legit place you can go to and not just a cardboard cutout in the background. Truly mindblowing.

(stole image from the interwebs, not my character)

Heyo! It’s just me (from Kitsu) if you remember. I think I tried following another one of your other accounts I think? Just saw this one’s more active and probably still you. Anyway, hi :)

Hello, I’m the new person in town. I wrote some stuffs in my bio, so check that out and all that. I hate introductions tho, so let me end it here before I spontaniously burst or something

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