I'm thinking on moving to quietplace.xyz, like @gakamine@quietplace.xyz , but i can't find the rules anywhere

Lua is great and easy to embed language for scripting, unlike Python. However, it's way of doing coroutines... is kinda weird.
I wish I knew of another scripting language with great coroutine support, (besides Lua, Python and JavaScript).

Been wanting to do some coroutine stuff in C++, however, while the cppcoro library is the closest thing I want, it's not exactly what I need. Maybe i should write my own, that would be a great learning experience. :bunhdthinking:
I also want to make it semi compatible with libuv, since it's what I'm planning on using for a little game later on. :blobgamer:

So, I don't have to do the exams if I have an average of 5.5 (out of 7.0) or higher. Meaning I would only need to do the anthropology exam... The one I hate the most. Well, i think it's a fair trade off :blobshrug:

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Interesting how (Garry's mod of) Panorama UI is as close as it can get to a web browser.
XML for the skeleton.
Less for stylesheets.
C# for scripting.

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I'd like to ask you people to boost this post to see how long it'd take for it to reach someone else from my town (Westervoort, The Netherlands).
Of course, that implies that I'm not the only one here that uses Mastodon, but hey, part of the challenge :)

Starting on the 18th of August 2020 :)


Gosh I hate philosophy, it's so abstract and inexact.

I think I should disable CoW in my steam games

Just finished installing Arch on my new SSD, using BTRFS. It's blazing fast :blobcatfireeyes:

Is there any point, using btrfs, to use RAID in a single disk system?

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