After using Linux for the past three months, no Windows, going back to Windows is so slow and “un-snappy”.

The TCP handshake is the official handshake of social distancing.

When the repo’s package is broken so you have to build from source:

I love DuckDuckGo, but damn their image search needs work.

Does anyone know how to install a GDM theme? All the stuff I’ve found out there is super outdated.

It is scary when you see how dependent of proprietary software we are. We become products of our products and creating situation we never wanted. It's like we sacrificed our freedom for money because money can give us freedom.
Instead, we created "ghost works" salve behind automation. We are destroying others liberty..

I’m writing a paper about the benefits of open-source software. If you’ve got any good articles please send em my way!

I cringe every time I see people using Zoom on TV.

I just made my first GRUB theme! There is little to no documentation about how to do this out there, maybe I’ll write something.

Most of the software you use on a daily basis is really just a glorified for-loop.

What do you all use as an open-source alternative to Google drive?

Also, what do you use for navigation instead of Google maps?

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What email site and/or client do my fellow open-source advocates use?

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