Come closer... clooooser... cloooooooooser... 


not doing the best 

I’m trying really hard not to share details on mastodon when I struggle, but I’m just a sad girl. Hopefully it doesn’t last long.

@puniko you know those music playing floppy drives?

I wanna do that, but than make it real time MIDI input from DIN and/or USB

@vidak What did you do to me? I've been messing with cc65 and ld65 for the last two hours. I eventually just cloned a git repo so that I could work backwards from a setup that successfully generated .nes ROMs.

slight nsfw mastodon sponsors 

@averyada unfortunately iBoySoft isn't an Estradiol manufacturer

slight nsfw mastodon sponsors 

Looking at the sponsors page for Mastodon is... interesting.

Including Australian casino companies, "iBoySoft" (I guess they make data recovery software), and "Day Real Dolls"


@sciencegirl100 and I are actually planning on building a CPU out of TTL chips eventually (hopefully, we’ll see), she’s been working on how we’re going to handle memory/addressing tonight.

It will most likely have 64K.

PSA: never donate to the Salvation Army. it is a charity run by profiteering homophobe union busters and strike breakers, and always has been. part of every dollar they get funds anti-gay Christian fascism.

fuck the Starvation Army.

"On the Importance of a Date, or, Decolonizing the Anthropocene"
by Heather Davis and Zoe Todd

"This article argues for the importance of including Indigenous knowledges into contemporary discussions of the Anthropocene. We argue that a start date coincident with colonization of the Americas would more adequately open up these conversations. In this, we draw upon multiple Indigenous scholars who argue that the Anthropocene is not a new event, but is rather the continuation of practices of dispossession and genocide, coupled with a literal transformation of the environment, that have been at work for the last five hundred years. Further, the Anthropocene continues a logic of the universal which is structured to sever the relations between mind, body, and land. In dating the Anthropocene from the time of colonialization, the historical and ideological links between the events would become obvious, providing a basis for the possibility of decolonization within this framework."

Are there any good guides for making RPGs out of Doom clones?

I finally made it to day 7 of my duolingo streak 

alt text: a screenshot of a 111 day duolingo streak

Google killed their RSS reader because it was a competitor to using Google+ for syndication.

Instead, people opted to use Facebook, Twitter, and email for syndication.

And now syndication generally sucks.

I think that’s the truth of totalitarianism, isn’t it: life amounts no more, and no less than the limit imposed on it by the imagination of the oligarchs, the myopic vision of the future espoused by the ruling class.

suicide, climate activism 

I haven't seen this picked up in any major US publication, but a Buddhist self-immolated in front of the Supreme Court on Friday, to protest inaction on climate change, similar to a man in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, a few years ago. Wishing for a society that let these acts change them...

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