in lieu of a reintroduction, just the content notes:

- I make lots of vulgar sex/kink jokes and they're not always CW'd
- earnest sexual content is CW'd
- I talk positively about drugs, crime, sugar, sluttery, and girldick
- I'm vegan, stop @'ing me dead animals or stolen milk

and a few magickal amulets to ward off boring ppl:

- you don't need dysphoria to be trans

- dysphoria is real

- non-dysphoric people should have the option of medical transition too, for free

- sex work is work

- non-binary femboy bisexual lesbians are valid

- all cops are bastards, including the People's Communist Revolutionary Cops

- primitivism = ableism = ecofash = fash

- I'm religious

- abolish the family

- yes travestis are not crossdressing fetishists, but crossdressing fetishists are good actually

- public-space cruising was the best thing the gay rights movement achieved, and those of us who are built for that should be proud to honour our ancestors

- things that are wonderful: genders, makeup, fashion, whatever pop music that's trending right now, selfies, furries, horoscope, loud dance clubs, identity politics, pumpkin spice soy lattes

- things that are terrible: linux, open source, meritocracy

- free markets are not just evil but also inefficient and nonsensical

@elilla just curious, why do you consider Linux and open source bad?

bitter, rant, blog screenshot CW: Black genocide 

@averyada it's made by libertarian techbros who believe in meritocracy and caters to their needs. the devs and maintainers routinely infantilise and condescend anybody not in STEM, let alone global south folk, while gathering in Y Combinator and Lesswrong events to discuss how to exploit the working class with startups and why the world would be better if tech programmers were philosopher-kings, and have you heard about "human biodiversity" bro? as a result of this circlejerk, there's no designers or writers or anybody else than programmers who gets a voice in the decision process, which means every time I open my computer I have to live with UIs that might as well been put together over a weekend by a drunk daddy while distracted watching porn, and I'm talking about the command-line UIs. The design principles of the graphical UIs are a bad joke, in a nightmare. but there's priorities to add transparency effects, just not to make languages other than English properly supported, in 2022. the Unicode definition of "letter", lovingly and clearly put together decades ago, will start being used instead of [a-zA-Z] any day now I'm sure. someday we might even be able to use characters in the astral planes without getting glitches and irreversible data loss (hey, mastodon is still eating the variation selectors, cool...)

then free software ideology adheres to the software equivalent of "the law is fair and wise in how it equally forbids both the poor and the rich from sleeping under bridges". And that's the "F", the "OS" is even more depressing. it was an explicit attemp by an out-and-out fascist to sell out to corporate, and a successful attempt. here look I'll go see what the Creator of Open Source(tm) is writing about these days in his Open Source blog, aaand now I have to CW the image below for Black genocide.

Then either by indulging in the "use me sempai" bootlicking of the "OS", or by doing cheap tricks to get around the "F" (e.g. Android), capitalists easily appropriated a commons put together for years and encircled it all, which was inevitable because even the so-called "radical" wing of the FSF were fucking libs to whom it never even ocurred, as a passing thought, that maaybe if proprietary ownership of software is a tool of oppression, then proprietary ownership of, say, land, machinery, forests, empty apartments or food is a lot worse?? FOSS only ever care about private ownership of the means of production when the means in question was the means of producing their weekend projects. For the whole, like, rest of the world who makes the houses and food and videogames they need to live, they just assume it's ok and fair that you earn a couple order magnitudes more to do nothing, than the salaries of everybody who worked hard to make all your stuff, because daddy capitalist told you you're a genius. rare minerals are extracted by slaves? who cares, I need a new GPU to play with this neat crypto thing.

the result of this was the promise of the web I knew imploding into less than half-dozen walled gardens the instant capitalists bothered to idly decide to own this nerd stuff too. the nerds didn't lose this fight. they sold out.

if there was literally any alternative to this computer culture I'd be using it long ago. but in the world we live only the privileged get to build complex engineering enterprises, reproducing their values into the result. the rest of the world is too busy not being overpaid to sit at a desk pretending to look busy, and so the only computers we get are made by capitalists, and the only OS we get caters to English-speaking cis white men with cushy tech jobs.

plus it's like, crappy, like I woke up, decided against my best knowledge to write this rant, then in order to post it I had to ssh into my router and try to find out why nft suddenly was dropping packet forwarding. but that's incidental. I can live with the crappiness, things are hard, a system that was full of warts and rough edges but was, like, gentle and caring about human needs, would be a pleasure to use. the problem is that you put yourself through a hundred daily annoyances, and then when you try to actually solve something or at least investigate it, you get a blunt wontfix from some techbro because they don't like the technology you'd need to write IME languages in kitty, or removing homophobia.dat from the debian repo would be the same as becoming the real nazis, or the ipv6 support your country needs to even internet would make the developers' country's fibre optic access a fraction of a second slower, or the icon of a literal child is the clearest perfectly appropriate way to depict non-programmers in commit messages, and so on and so forth. (all actual examples.)

bitter, rant, blog screenshot CW: Black genocide 

@elilla I think you make good points, and your observations are true. I think you may be lumping programmers into a single camp though (but the majority of them likely fall under this type of mindset).

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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