@sebsauvage what should they do then? go against the law and get shut down? would that benefit open source?

I want to continue making my mobile client but I don't have enough time skgdkgskgsksgkg

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I absolutely hate this mastodon feature where post has a title and the content is hidden by default. Why are your making me click this tiny ass button to show me something you could show by default

I wasny planning on changing jobs any time soon but that would be a nice leverage to negotiate promotion on my current job

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4 hour interview done, holy shit I'm exhausted

eventual consistency is extremely delayed :(

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ok no wonder default app doesn't show the count of favourites, because it is really broken xD

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would anyone be interested in a stream where I code mastodon client and stuff

why does Commodore 64 feel so snappy

im sorry for the horizontal video, windows sucks it not my fault xd

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today I spent some time on getting some things just right. on the first navigation without a cache the post and replies are loaded and appropriately animated, on subsequent navigation with cache hits transition is instant. no jank or stutters, it's not that hard

holy shit recording parts of the screen on windows is pain in the ass. I love how macos has it out of the box and it just workss

Mastodon on mobile is just garbage. Top navigation doesn't make any sense, swiping between screens is horrible, no notifications counter! Kind of making me want to do a web client myself

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