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Thanks to @Leon_Awooo for making me my first fursona, thank you so much >.< ❤️

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I'm slightly curious, would anyone pay me to present something or edit/make a video or something similar? I'm fairly experienced having done Youtube for a while, been on a media course for a nearly a year and done hospital radio for well over a year

I also use totally free and open source software for my work if that's a concern and I'll do it for a pretty low price since impossible just looking for work on the side

Hmm...not sure what I think of my hacked Switch, stuff is very finicky ATM :/

Maybe I'll just install Linux or something on it and be done with it

I've ordered some stuff to hack my Switch, wish me luck ^ ^

Okay yeah TF2 is not what it used to be ;-;


A lot of people seem to think that everything is over with the Covid-19 stuff, which is completely wrong, the cases are literally back to 3/4 of what they were at the peak

If anyone's interested GameChops recently made their legacy albums available for free in both mp3 and lossless form on, I ended up adding their Undertale Remixes to my music collection as I'm just nostalgic for them

So far in my fan edit of Pulp Fiction I think I'm going to try and put it in as linear of an order as possible and entirely cut the parts with Butch since I didn't enjoy them all that much

I want to see if I can re-edit Pulp Fiction into linear order as well as see if there's anything I can tighten up

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It is set. #PreOrders of the #PinePhone by @ManjaroLinuxARM will start on the 17th of September! Stay tuned to see which DE we will ship with. More in the @thepine64 news post:

Original tweet :

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RT from Furkan kardame (@fkardame)

Lets welcome the brand new setup wizard and highly optimised keyboard for @thepine64 #PinePhone.
Anyone familiar with this one? #manjaro #linux #mobile #lomiri @UBports @ManjaroLinuxARM @manjarolinux
Try the latest test image from last night.

Original tweet :

Horrible Histories is legit a good show, if you disagree you're wrong :V lol

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The problem with being creative is I never trust that my ideas are good and I fear doing something wrong

Harry Potter is now a trans positive series, JK Rowling can get the fuck off the property, it belongs to our community now

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