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@Leon_Awooo the sweet, kind and adorable cutie he is got some art of our sonas together done and it's so so so so cute >.<

Thank you so much my love :blobheart:

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Thanks to @Leon_Awooo for making me my first fursona, thank you so much >.< ❤️

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I'm slightly curious, would anyone pay me to present something or edit/make a video or something similar? I'm fairly experienced having done Youtube for a while, been on a media course for a nearly a year and done hospital radio for well over a year

I also use totally free and open source software for my work if that's a concern and I'll do it for a pretty low price since impossible just looking for work on the side

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please just be normal, Britain, I'm fucking begging

I am 200 posts off 5k, what if I just spam post from now on?

Reminder that trans lesbians are both real women and real lesbians.

Lingerie, lewd 

So I made an order, gonna be cute as hecc :3

Mfw I wanna transition but also fear change 👍

I really do miss Mac OS X Mavericks a lot, it was such a good operating system

We love both our nyaaa nyaaa cat girls and our woof woof dog girls


If I'm going to vote should I vote for the least harmful party or just invalidate it?

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Lewd, mention of dick pics 

Tfw your partner sends you a dick pic using the Gameboy Camera and Printer. You open an envelope and in it is a small piece of thermal paper with a dick pic on it.

I can't tell if this stuff is just old that's why it doesn't quite work or if the Gameboy printer was always this bad lol

I've decided to start archiving my older records online, only on PeerTube for now given the slim chance these records could still be detected by YouTube's copyright protection:

So I bought another 78rpm record, got home, started playing it and only then do I find out it's actually pretty badly cracked, such a shame too since it was a nice song, at least someone else got to hear it before it's gone all-together though, if only partially

I might start uploading some of my records to the internet since my vinyl player has a built in recorder, it seems like a shame to not archive these things in case anything happens. I might have to upload to PeerTube though because copyright is a pain

Immy's Film Reviews - Nomadland

This film is definitely very art house-y, as such I think a mainstream audience would find this boring as it can be fairly slow at times, however, as a display of the nomadic lifestyle it's very successful and the focus on the characters in particular makes it a very interesting watch.

Overall I very much enjoyed this film but I do admit that at times I did find it to be a bit slow.

Today my vinyl collection has become a vinyl and shallac collection :D

Was the Gameboy Colour a console refresh or next generation?

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