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I’m putting together this post to provide useful resources for trans people in the UK (and often rest of the world), it’s the least I can do. I’ll add to it if I think of anything that should be here, feel free to do the same.

Gender Construction Kit -

Useful page walking you through how to change various aspects of your gender in the UK, generally a great place to start!

The Trans Lady’s Guide to Getting HRT in the UK -

Article describing how to get onto HRT in the UK through the NHS. Note that some of the information in this article is out of date or not applicable if you live in a less trans friendly area. Still a good read.

GenderGP -

Perhaps the only informed consent clinic operating in the UK, it can be pricey but it’s a good way to get onto HRT. They’re the service that I use and I highly recommend looking at them since depending on how you DIY GenderGP might not be that much more expensive.


Useful resource for sourcing DIY HRT.

Trans Harm Reduction -

Page testing various DIY HRT products, great to ensure you know what you’re getting 👍


Basically a goldmine of information about DIY HRT. I love this site because it has a page on transmasc DIY, which is under discussed in the DIY community. Thanks to @SleepyCatten for bringing this page to my attention.

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Looking for work, please boost 

Looking for some freelance work/remote positions.

My main area of expertise is media, particularly video editing. But I’m also good at photography, writing and graphic design. I could also serve as a FOSS consultant if you’re looking for ways to implement FOSS in your life or business.

My past projects have included:

* Running a tech YouTube channel for 6 years (and counting)
* Running a film YouTube channel for 1 year (and counting)
* Acting as a consultant for several aspiring YouTubers
* Generating written content for a personal website
* Producing posters for a client
* Photographing products for a client

My qualifications include:

* HNC TV/Film
* BTEC level 3 TV/Film
* BTEC level 2 creative imedia

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@Leon_Awooo the sweet, kind and adorable cutie he is got some art of our sonas together done and it's so so so so cute >.<

Thank you so much my love :blobheart:

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I saw my reflection in a window as I was walking by earlier, for the first time in my life I think my figure actually looks kind of good 🥺

Decided to disable automatic post deletion in case I post something useful to somebody, it's nice to have a clean slate from when it was enabled though

Found some really fascinating pages today, both containing a lot of historical trans documents. As a group that is typically extremely underrepresented it’s extremely empowering to see our history like this:

Transphobia, Trans Medicalism, Trans History 

I was reading through an old gender dysphoria guidance manual from the 1970s earlier, while obviously it’s extremely problematic in all the ways you’d expect there’s a curious insistence on not trying to talk trans people out of transitioning as it’s the only efficient treatment for dysphoria; Somehow even the most cis of men in the 70s had more sense than modern enforcers of the cistem in a few limited aspects, not to suggest that either type of person is good however.

三角面:136 テクスチャサイズ:256x256

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Can't sleep cuz emotions be emotioning?

Make art.

Can't sleep cuz emotions be emotioning and you're terrified you can't afford to flee?

Make marketable art.

The Stonewall Memorial Trans Brick earrings. Celebrate the courage, the strength, and most importantly the hand-eye coordination of our trans ancestors.

"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is at whom to throw our #trans bricks of defiance."

I'm so tired today lol, I haven't dozed off on the bus in a long time but today I got close

I totally respect Toki Pona’s diverse etymological sources. It beats being Esperanto and only really deriving words from Romance languages

Concerned about TikTok accessing and selling personal information, and using it to manipulate you?

Wait until you hear about credit rating companies, HR companies, real estate verification companies, online mental health companies, direct to consumer DNA companies, the trackers on just about every news web site, and FB, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Snap, and Pinterest.

TIL about the TransTech Summit, a FREE annual online event for the most marginalized members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Friday, March 31 - Monday, April 3, 2023

I realised that I’m a nerd when I realised that I have a favourite font (it’s Times New Roman BTW, I’m basic like that)

It's 1987. The Metropolitan Police are waging an intimidation campaign against London's LBTQ+ community.

Wearing rubber gloves to "protect from AIDS" they raid the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

"Well well," says Lily Savage (Paul O'Grady) from the stage as the police pile into the venue. "It looks like we’ve got help with the washing up" /1

Any speakers know why "I use Toki Pona" translates to "mi kepeken toki pona" as opposed to "mi kepeken e toki pona"?

Just got approved for PIP, this will go a long way towards helping me afford stuff like laser hair removal and continuing my hormomes 🥺

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