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@Leon_Awooo the sweet, kind and adorable cutie he is got some art of our sonas together done and it's so so so so cute >.<

Thank you so much my love :blobheart:

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Thanks to @Leon_Awooo for making me my first fursona, thank you so much >.< ❤️

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I'm slightly curious, would anyone pay me to present something or edit/make a video or something similar? I'm fairly experienced having done Youtube for a while, been on a media course for a nearly a year and done hospital radio for well over a year

I also use totally free and open source software for my work if that's a concern and I'll do it for a pretty low price since impossible just looking for work on the side

Concept: an app you can use on a bus that’ll vibrate when you get to a certain stop in case you’ve fallen asleep

Sometimes I’ll see people biking along the road with no hands on the bars of their bike, usually on their phones, honestly I’m really concerned for them. I’m not sure why anyone would want to be in the middle of a road on their phone

One of the interesting things about the console market is when to release a next generation system, release early and your console will look vastly better than the competitors but probably look dated by the time your competitors come out with their systems or release late and look much better than your competitors but at that point most people probably already have a console already

Discussion of religion 

I've started reading a beginners guide to Buddhism and to be honest it's actually really interesting. There are a lot of perspectives on things I just hadn't thought of that makes so much sense. It's pretty impossible to say if I'm going to convert or not after reading half of one book but still, it does seem like a good philosophy to live by

When I thought the internet couldn’t get any worse it surprises me again

Wait, why doesn't eBay have user reviews?

What if I wanted a new GPU but eBay scalpers said "no"

Hot take: I actually like the American SNES design more than the European and Japanese one

Turns out, the original Half-Life in VR is pretty amazing, the only problem is there are several issues that make me not want to play through the whole game, which is a shame because it works well for the most part and is pretty immersive.

I just beat Mario 64, while I think it's a good game it does give me a huge appreciation for why Crash Bandicoot is designed the way that it is lol

Mario 64 is a great game but I have to admit, it hasn’t aged well at all, the main thing that hurts it is just the locked camera, it makes platforming exceptionally difficult and it makes looking around the level really tricky too, which hurts the exploration elements of the game.

I decided to order @Leon_Awooo ‘s birthday present early and got him several packs of still sealed Gogos, I hope he likes them 🥺🥺🥺

Mfw I managed to carry a bottle of vodka right to end of Half-Life: Alyx because a character asked for one and I thought I'd get a special ending for it

So I just finished Half-Life: Alyx, it's such an amazing game >.<

I won't spoil anything but it really does define how VR games should work in the future. It's also an incredible Half-Life game in it's own right that is every bit as good as it's predecessors and serves to expand on the world of Half-Life 2.

It's one of the first games in a while to seriously put a dumb grin on my face and I think we'll look back and consider this as one of the most important games ever made.

Mfw I let my girlfriend try on my maid outfit and she manages to get a hole in it :blobcatsob:

(I still love her though :blobaww: )

It still continues to amaze me how many good FOSS programs there are on IOS, I just found a really good FOSS browser called Elaho

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Head tracking is really the essential feature for VR, if Nintendo wanted to do better with the Virtualboy the best way they could have done that is by finding a way to implement head tracking

So I just played a Virtualboy emulator just for VR headsets and I can now absolutely understand why the Virtualboy didn’t do well, it’s quite shockingly bad lol

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