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Thanks to @Leon_Awooo for making me my first fursona, thank you so much >.< ❤️

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I'm slightly curious, would anyone pay me to present something or edit/make a video or something similar? I'm fairly experienced having done Youtube for a while, been on a media course for a nearly a year and done hospital radio for well over a year

I also use totally free and open source software for my work if that's a concern and I'll do it for a pretty low price since impossible just looking for work on the side

Mentions of Antia, GamerGate and Sexism 

You can tell a lot about a game journalist from how they acted during GamerGate, for instance someone like ReviewTechUSA has no credibility to me after they put out 10+ videos about Anita, especially given none of them are positive despite what Anita is doing being overwhelming positive and progressive, any journalist who isn't just a reactionary would at the least cover how she's figuring sexism in the industry and community

I have such an obsession with polygonal foxes and idk why

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im not wasting my youth I'm giving it away willingly. i wanna be older and more certain & understand things

Chipotle is good, tastes just like a food chain over in the UK called Barburrito, makes me want both

Some kids wanted a boy toy, some kids wanted a girl toy

I wanted some fucking food

saying "it's just my/their generation" in response to you or someone else being a bigot is ageist, people can and most often do move with the times and move with what is and isn't acceptable

mfw I can't install Windows 2000 on my desktop

why do I even use a computer?

I know it's really out of date but to be honest I find PlayOnLinux really convenient to manage wine bottles

I think I'm going to start playing Animal Crossing again

mfw a game I'm playing works in wine but then it crashes and the crash reporter that wants to run when I run the game doesn't work

I want all the time I spent playing RuneScape back :/

How is it only 4pm? it feels like 8pm at least



Boris: B-but muh economy ;-;

Seriously can we close all of these unnecessary businesses until this crisis is dealt with?

I'm low-key tempted to try and pick up Korean, maybe if nothing else I'll try and learn Hangul for a fun challenge

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That feeling when kids think online connectivity for videoconsoles is a new thing, but in reality it has been a thing since the 80s and 90s, when console manufacturers kept pushing addons that included online connectivity for their consoles. Either through the internet using a dial up, phone connection, cable, or even satellite.
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