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@Leon_Awooo the sweet, kind and adorable cutie he is got some art of our sonas together done and it's so so so so cute >.<

Thank you so much my love :blobheart:

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Thanks to @Leon_Awooo for making me my first fursona, thank you so much >.< ❤️

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I'm slightly curious, would anyone pay me to present something or edit/make a video or something similar? I'm fairly experienced having done Youtube for a while, been on a media course for a nearly a year and done hospital radio for well over a year

I also use totally free and open source software for my work if that's a concern and I'll do it for a pretty low price since impossible just looking for work on the side

I've been playing Fallout New Vegas for years and every time I play it I discover something new, this time I decided to skip half of the game and go right to Benny and in doing so I took a different path to New Vegas than usual and found this adorable little gorl, Snuffles, as it ends up during development at one point they were going to be male. Fallout New Vegas has a trans mole rat.

It's literally impossible to see everything that Fallout New Vegas has to offer

Just got everything setup on . This is easily the best Android experience I've ever had, it's insanely fast and it feels private, all round good stuff

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I'm going to try and install , it looks interesting

I'm not sure if this is something that anyone else has done. but I think I'm going to forgo using the AUR on my Arch systems from now on, flatpaks work really well and pose less of a security risk and work better on my ARM devices

Okay so now for some reason the Linux distros I'm trying to install are erroring out when I try to install them, at what point do I just switch to BSD lol

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For a company to exist, someone has to lose, Either the workers or the consumer. Simple as that doesn't matter what It Is.

So last night I managed to totally destroy my system (it was totally my fault lmao). And today I'm on a distro hopping adventure, I think I'm gonna try out Elementary OS since I want something that just works for my desktop

Tfw I manage to totally destroy my system and trap myself in dependency hell

Mention of transphobe 

What I wouldn't give for a chance to seriously talk to someone like J.K Rowling, it's not that I think I could change their mind, I just seriously want to know what leads someone to such wrong and hateful opinions

So, I managed to run Old School Runescape on the Switch lol

Me and a few friends decided to try hosting an open source image board program, think of it as being like 4chan but without all of the nasties and only for cuties, if you want to have a look you can find it here:

Today's record of choice, I still love InThe Aeroplane Over The Sea, it's such a good album

Hey Hasbro, dropping the Mr from the Potato Head brand was awesome, but can we have more? Can we stop the whole blue/pink thing?

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Take a look at Watomatic which just entered F-Droid, and send the notorious WA users auto-replies where they can reach you. We've seen messages starting like "Warning: your message could not be delivered. You can reach Joe at..." And then the "new place(s)". You can still answer if you want, but they see you really mean it. Might have the desired effect.

Just came out as trans to a group that can apparently provide support, hopefully all goes well :blobcat:

Political, mention of alt-right platforms 

The hope with hacks on pages like Gab and Parler is that people will be dissuaded from using such platforms, which will protect them from the further radicalisation that occurs on these sites

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