@immychan super fair start of that series, good job :-).
I find it great that you point both the good, the bad and the "currently complex".

BTW, regarding ext4: unsure if you tried installing fusefs-ext4fuse, you should totally try mounting the file system manually and see if you still have that bugginess, you may need to set sysctl vfs.usermount=1 (see sysctl -d vfs.usermount for the description).

@evilham Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed ^ ^

In writing the script I didn't have "the good, the bad and the currently complex" in mind but that's a really good way of viewing things and I'll absolutely be using it in the future, thanks ^ ^

As for fusefs-ext4fuse, I haven't tried it yet but the support I have for ext4 so far is good enough for my use case and I don't really want to risk messing with it, but thanks for the heads up, maybe I'll give it a look at some point

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