People who accuse things of being "Communist" as an indictment tend to not actually know what Communism even is

@immychan Most people who claimed to be Marxist or communists don't even understand Marx. Žižek talked about this about a year back in his debate with Peterson, who kept bringing up all the Marxists in academia. Žižek was confused by 'all the Marxist in academia' Interestingly enough, Marx even told Sigmund Freud and others that he didn't consider himself a Marxist. Later in his life, he became disillusioned with the people in the movement baring his name.

@djsumdog I think that the "Marxists in academia" thing is just some bullshit the alt-right like to throw around, I don't sincerely believe that there are all of these Communists running around universities and stuff

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