@immychan I'd also recommend wesnoth.org as a high-quality open source game :-).

@evilham Looks like a great game but sadly that sort of thing tends to go way over my head lol, it's the same with OpenTTD and stuff

@immychan Really enjoying the series so far. Good to see an open source channel without the edge lord shenanigans, and also enough attention span to actually do an in depth review of something. Most channels I've seen so far only do shallow reviews and blurt out half truths with an extreme amount of confidence. Your BSD series however it the complete opposite of that. It's presented calmly and covers a wide area of topics. Really good content!

@raichoo Thanks a bunch ^ ^, really glad you're enjoying the series.

I kind of see where you're coming from, I'm far from the only person making calmer more in depth Linux content but I do think it's a shame that the FOSS video landscape seems to be that of people who make their content quite edgy and political for no real reason, people like Luke Smith for instance

@immychan Indeed. I rarely watch YT channels on a regular basis, just the few things that stand out. Most stuff I've seen by popular Open Source Youtubers appears to have a subtle toxic vibe, and yes there are the over the top ones you have mentioned. For some reason the stereotypical nerd rage guy seems to attract lots of clicks. Kind of sad.

@raichoo I kind of know what you mean, the FOSS YouTube landscape has gone from friendly people making Linux videos out of their bedroom, although they didn't have the best production value (besides a select few) they just loved Linux, now I think the community has gone over to different people, and it's hard to explain how they're different

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