I put wayyyyy too much effort into this, I wanted to make sure he was descending at the right speed for the music 😅

@immychan this is so goood!!
also, i still can't decide whether this song is country or ska

@immychan It's mesmerizing. Perfectly timed.

I also was waiting the whole time for the cat to shift left or right ^.^'

@immychan Each time I watch this, I'm getting ideas about how to make a game from this. You know adaptive music with vertical re-orchestration? This music is perfect for it. A game with that tune in the background, the instruments blending in or out depending on the current pace of the game, to produce an ever-changing never-ending musical loop. Just a cat slinking over procedurally generated flights of stairs while having to dodge random obstacles.

@immychan Yeah, but I never programmed a game before... let alone adaptive music stuff. I only know a thing or two about procedural generation and 3D graphics in general... so on one hand I really want to build that game, but I fear reality does not give me enough time for that.

@akai I don't think they know themselves, but they're just enjoying the journey

@immychan I like how you made it reach the tip of the stairs at the syncopated notes. Feels really satisfying!

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