It really blows my mind how smooth on the is, it's a bit laggy at parts sure, but for the most part it feels really fluid and spot on and like I'm using a finished product. Very impressive work!

@pastelpunkbandit When I tried to skip the tutorial it broke everything for some reason but when I actually did the tutorial I got into the OS just fine (though that may be coincidence and not because I skipped the tutorial)

@immychan maybe!!! well i managed to! go thru it but then opened the camera app and everything just got reset kldsfjkd

@pastelpunkbandit I couldn't make the camera app work. Before I updated it showed a test pattern of some sort and wouldn't work. After updating the camera clicked like it was going to work but I still only got a black screen

@immychan hecc,,, well for me it just like??? showed the test image and did a factory reset
and that was enough to like,,, give up

@immychan I agree, but as I understand it isnt completely open source. Open source is the biggest reason I am interested in linux phones in the first place, so I dont think I will be using SailfishOS even if it works better.

@immychan oh wow nice!! I’m looking forward to trying it when my Pine arrives 👀

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