Today I found out that it's possible to have a Half-Life LAN party between the 3DS and Vita

@feld @immychan I'm glad you liked it. You also can connect to same server using 0.19.x versions of Xash3D FWGS on PC, Android, iOS, Switch, Haiku and even from browser (through websocketify proxy)

Sadly Vita and 3DS ports never got upstreamed and they're kinda outdated and can't handle new protocol. :(

@immychan truly a a legendary cross platform game for 2021

@immychan That's actually osom. Does it works fine at the new 3DS?

@waltercool More or less, the new 3DS takes quite a while to load and as a result I couldn't imagine playing the single player on it (although I think people do) but for the multiplayer it's brilliant

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