Working on a video about Xenia, Linux's trans mascot, can't wait to get this uploaded :D

@CreatureOfTheHill Kinda, she was an alternative to Tux back in the 90s and recently resurfaced

@CreatureOfTheHill @immychan i guess it's the cartoony look and the glasses. some furries like a less cartoony style.
@CreatureOfTheHill @immychan one of the more fun things about the Amiga community is that they totally didn't mind having a furry character as their unofficial mascot. they just didn't have any prejudices against it.

@CreatureOfTheHill That's the exact page I used to research for this video :D

@immychan this design looks so inspired by Eric Schwartz

@nomian We love and support her and we hope that she's still stealing from the rich and giving to the poor :blobaww:

@immychan didnt i poke someone to make a site about xenia? i should look for it

@roxie I'm not sure either, which is a shame because that site was essential for my research

@immychan i totally forgot but the only person I had an idea who it might be was @efi and then her contact me thing was on the page so it totally was that cute cat who i wanna paw

@shadow8t4 @immychan i want the stickers so much maybe i should just order my own but id need permissions of all the people that drew xenia. Damn i need like all the xenia art ;-;

@roxie @immychan you're still on my list of international people to send those too, I'm sorry :c

@shadow8t4 I did see the stickers on the website, I want some so bad >.<

@immychan I really need to get something set up to sell them tbh. ;-;
I've been told by a few people they missed out when I was giving them away and I've just had a hard time figuring out a way to get things set up since I can't afford to just give them away anymore.

@shadow8t4 Honestly, you could put them on something like Redbubble and I'd still buy them, but I get not wanting to use big stores like that

@immychan @shadow8t4 ive heard redbubble be great for independent artists but the art is by three different people n stuff

@roxie @shadow8t4 Redbubble is great for independent artists in the sense that it allows artists to start selling stuff with no investment or inventory needed. The downside is they don't pay their artists very much and art theft runs rampant on Redbubble, they're also a large company which a lot of people around the Fediverse probably won't like

@immychan yeah part of the reason is price. I don't wanna feel like I'm charging way more than people can afford and Redbubble would take a cut out of what's already going to be a really unprofitable situation. I think last time I looked at it, with the way I was trying to get things shipped, it would come out to like... $5+ depending on where you were just for the 3 stickers. Buying bulk might help, but it's just not a very good model IMO.

If I did it, I'd basically be forced to sell at cost and break even.

@immychan Redbubble also makes the stickers, and I work with an independent manufacturer for the stickers I'm giving away/selling. So I'd still need to find a way to sell off the stock I already have.

@shadow8t4 I know it's a big ask and I'm sorry if this is a burden, but is there any way you can sell me a few stickers directly through Mastodon without a storefront or anything?

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