I have kind of a dilemma, generally I'm very hard core free software, but I've been advised that in order to have a career in the media industry I need to join a bunch of none free services and start using them to establish a presence, as well as use non-free software in the industry.

So I'm kinda wondering what do lol

@immychan I have been told similar things by successful people and the ones who never tried it differently than what they suggested to me were kinda wrong. Even if they were just wrong about why sth is not a good idea, they were.

@immychan in your case I would try to search for the people who only/mostly use free software and ask them too, to get a better picture of what difficulties that entails.

@immychan imo, do what you need to to build the career you want. Keep advocating for free software and using it where you can, but I feel like the unfortunate reality is work requires using software you hate.

@cowwan @immychan 👆This. Use the tools you need to get the job done, if you’ve found something you want to do

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