If you’re openly trans on Mastodon make sure to stay safe in the near future, it seems like there’s a targeted harassment campaign against trans people as well as a list of openly trans users that’s being compiled. Or at the very least there’s a series of disconnected transphobes acting alone and a bunch of copycats.

So be sure to keep yourself safe and if you run a small instance be sure to keep an eye on who’s joining it I check what users join and have a zero-tolerance transphobia policy.

Hi. I'm the gender nonconforming cis gay man from Music Central.
I saw some transphobic wanker on Mastodon just before my battery went kaput & before I could look at his profile.
So...yeah. These bastards r on Mastodon.
As a cis gay man, I'd like to apologise to everyone in the queer community for the stupidity of this knobhead who is gay himself and for all the other queerphobic cis gay hypocrits who think 'pride' only applies to them.

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