@June it’s a Light Phone 2, a smartphone with only basic features that’s designed to be used as little as possible

@continuation that would be absolutely awesome, especially since this thing runs Android anyway

@Sandra I got lucky with my carrier, most of the biggest carriers in the UK don’t support this device

@drwho @immychan

even more cool: the part of the website that checks for compatibility.

My carrier isn't using technology that would work with it.

I am thinking I still want this phone. But I would need to swap carriers and that might involve losing my phone number (not sure tho) and I um.

Don't really need another phone device thing.


@drwho @immychan no, and they did mention that it will fall back to 3G if LTE isn't available in the FAQ - but no, my carrier doesn't have the right LTE portion.

There are carriers who DO, I just - don't have those.

"You will need the International version of the Light Phone.

It uses the following 4G LTE Bands:
B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B28"


you know, checking other areas... hold up, I think it actually would work with my _work_ sim. I... I could just...

it's $342.05 without shipping and I am seriously thinking I might just... you know.


What a concept! A phone or calculator or alarm or music/ podcast player that actually works as any one of those?

The people at Google or Apple or Microsoft are going to cry now.
"Boo hoo" for them!


Meanwhile, mine (an LG synced with a Samsung tablet) won't let calls ring unless I allow Google to alert me with a loud reminder that there's an urgent advertising message or junk mail to attend to.

Their profit priority overrides my privacy, needs, and even safety.

And most of their crap apps don't work.

So, I'm getting one of these.
Thank you for posting!

@immychan I really like the minimal cell idea.. but none of the options seem 100% there yet. The UX *has* to be fluid and *quick*. The Punkt MP02 is really close with the integrated signal messaging. The Mudita Pure is awesome with its tiny open-source OS, but it misses a lot of basics. The Lite Phone 2 is close, but touch input seems hit-or-miss.

@kallisti5 I can agree to that. All of the minimal “smartphones” aren’t quite there just yet. All of them are too expensive and aren’t widely available enough yet. And in my experience the Light Phone 2’s software is fairly underbaked

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