Looking for work, please boost 

Looking for some freelance work/remote positions.

My main area of expertise is media, particularly video editing. But I’m also good at photography, writing and graphic design. I could also serve as a FOSS consultant if you’re looking for ways to implement FOSS in your life or business.

My past projects have included:

* Running a tech YouTube channel for 6 years (and counting)
* Running a film YouTube channel for 1 year (and counting)
* Acting as a consultant for several aspiring YouTubers
* Generating written content for a personal website
* Producing posters for a client
* Photographing products for a client

My qualifications include:

* HNC TV/Film
* BTEC level 3 TV/Film
* BTEC level 2 creative imedia

Looking for work, please boost :hug2: good luck

Looking for work, please boost 

@immychan Good luck 🤞

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