I now have a cutie in my RSS thanks to Bibliogram

FOSS web services are amazing :D

I put wayyyyy too much effort into this, I wanted to make sure he was descending at the right speed for the music 😅

Just remembering the time I installed Red Star OS on an old desktop PC just because I could

Okay but this is really impressive, I bet our comptability with Windows games is easily at 90% now

Why does the Kitsu app have do many trackers even despite being FOSS 0.o

Okay, the FPS is awful but damn The Shadow Of The Tomb Raider with maxed out settings and ray tracing looks amazing

Makes me want a newer GPU with dedicated silicon for RTX 😅

Apparently these things are now illegal in Mexico? Yikes....

Cute, lewd 'n' Furry 

okay but they're adorable and need head pats

Honestly in my eyes Sealand is a genius idea and it's founder a legend

Tbh I just watched Phineas and Ferb for the Perry the Platypus bits

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