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Going to a trans rights protest today, let’s show the Tory scum what our community can do 👍

@Comrade_Tomato if I remember correctly ProtonDB has a multitude of user reviews too, you could check to see if anyone has similar hardware to you.

Plus a lot of desktop users on Linux have AMD cards too

@the_gayest_goat_in_town this, just charging to the Gannon fight in BOTW was awesome 👍

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games where you have the option to just fight the final boss right away are great

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behold, a penguin

(too tired to figure out the colors now, good night)

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I made omurice :D. Unfortunately though I made too much of the filling for the omelette and didn’t put enough ketchup or soy sauce into the rice, but it was a learning experience :D

@Reina Fewer working days, I like to get up in the morning and know that I don't have to do anything

GB: Can have Shrek through steaming using a wi-fi cartridge
GBC: Same as GB
GBA: Has Shrek
DS: Can play Shrek through homebrew
3DS: Can play Shrek through homebrew too
Switch: Can boot into Linux and play Shrek with MPV

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The lesser known NeXT Console ran a 50Mhz 68030 with Motorola DSP and 2.88MB floppy, and came with 8MB RAM & a 105MB HD. It was the first home console with a built-in hard drive and Ethernet networking. Thanks to @adafruit for allowing me guardianship over this beautiful example.

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Sometimes some music is just such a solid vibe, Peter Tosh is that for me right now 😌

@omglinux @cassidy that’s Gnome on mobile 0.o!?

That’s incredible!

@mattis Personally I just write all my documents in markdown, it’s much easier to convert them to other formats after it’s done, I can even create a website with just a document

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Higher risk people aren't asking for everyone to be locked down forever. They are asking people to take precautions so higher risk people aren't locked down forever.

#COVID #CovidIsNotOver #PublicHealth

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@wolfie to be honest, I don’t actually think they know what they’ll do if somebody has a GIC. I think they just wanted to be transphobic without thinking of the consequences

Politics, transphobia, UK 

What is wrong with the UK? Apparently if trans women are arrested they’re now practically guaranteed to be housed with male prisoners unless they’ve had bottom surgery, even if they’ve only been arrested for the most minor of crime. This is a major safety risk and should be treated as such.

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