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y'know what

fuck it

i'm going

to that former golf course park tomorrow

and playing the super mario 64 source port on my 3DS in the nice weather and enjoying myself

i WILL make all my dreams come true

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It scares me how quickly all these AI tools got brought onto market. Remember that when they do this, we are being experimented upon live but without these companies having had to go through ethics boards to get an ok to do a study. You don't get to consent to this. It's disgusting.

I used to be a tech optimist but all that optimism is gone. And it's not because the world is moving too quickly for me to keep up but because all these new tools are privacy hell. Surveilance capitalism to the max.


it’s so upsetting that this kind of explicit racism is tolerated if not encouraged now. How the fuck did things get this way?

The Welsh government has announced their LGBTQ+ action plan, and yes... It involves the possibility of self-ID

They've laid out various actions including increasing provisions for trans youth. They've even analysed and pre-empted 'backlash', saying that their actions 'will not result in the erosion of the rights of women and girls'.

Wales, this 👏 is 👏 AMAZING 👏

Food, meat 

I made some broth using some leftovers. It’s actually surprisingly tasty for something that’s cheap, easy and good for you :loli_thumb:

message for cis people about the trans genocide 

also, just boost trans peoples' crowdfunding/mutual aid requests in general

even the ones for stuff like surgery or hair removal or whatever

being trans is fucking expensive and trans people tend to be poor as fuck

and for some of us dysphoria can be a huge pain and we deserve comfort as much as anyone else

and y'know what? just boost all crowdfunding/mutual aid requests period in fact

because at the end of the day, we ALL deserve to survive

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I now have a CashApp because it doesn’t require me to deadname myself to send people money 👍

(Plus I get a super cute custom URL)

You’d be surprised how many problems in your life can be solved by sending money to trans people. Try it!

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Just want to say congrats to @Leon_Awooo for his first GenderGP appointment. I know it wasn’t easy but I’m proud of him :)

I tried writing a journal entry for today, I feel curiously relaxed. Maybe I'll keep doing this

get GSC from trans girls 

Because someone has to put the list of where to get Girl Scout Cookies from trans girls behind a CW so more people will share it

#GirlScouts #TransGirls #Cookies

Capitalism has convinced you RSS is antiquated. The real reason it's fading is because it doesn't have ads and tracking. You going to tell me the news article is truly better on a browser with ads than on a little program you can open any time, on or offline?

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Apparently 7:30am is too early in the morning for me to properly execute complex thought.

I wanna go back to bed :blobsleeping:

Transphobia, prison, violence 

This is really fucked up and has consequences far beyond what the general public realise. For instance: if you’re a trans woman who commits a petty crime to support yourself you’ll be thrown into a men’s prison where you’ll be significantly at significant risk of experience violence against you.

Since starting E I think I actually like my body for the first time in my life, I'm developing a really nice figure :blobaww:

I'm not quite at the point where I like my face yet, but I'm getting closer and closer by the day, the other day I was even able to take a selfie that I liked.

I’m putting together this post to provide useful resources for trans people in the UK (and often rest of the world), it’s the least I can do. I’ll add to it if I think of anything that should be here, feel free to do the same.

Gender Construction Kit -

Useful page walking you through how to change various aspects of your gender in the UK, generally a great place to start!

The Trans Lady’s Guide to Getting HRT in the UK -

Article describing how to get onto HRT in the UK through the NHS. Note that some of the information in this article is out of date or not applicable if you live in a less trans friendly area. Still a good read.

GenderGP -

Perhaps the only informed consent clinic operating in the UK, it can be pricey but it’s a good way to get onto HRT. They’re the service that I use and I highly recommend looking at them since depending on how you DIY GenderGP might not be that much more expensive.


Useful resource for sourcing DIY HRT.

Trans Harm Reduction -

Page testing various DIY HRT products, great to ensure you know what you’re getting 👍


Basically a goldmine of information about DIY HRT. I love this site because it has a page on transmasc DIY, which is under discussed in the DIY community. Thanks to @SleepyCatten for bringing this page to my attention.

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