Migration done, we had 5min downtimes this morning and we are not expecting complications!!!
Thank you @mizuki :blobfoxcatsnuggle: !!!

Reminder that server migration and change of ownership to Mizuki is planned for the 16th October. Expect downtimes during that period.

AntaBaka will most likely continue to live thanks to @mizuki!!!
The transfer of the instance is planned for the 16th October.
We will keep you posted.

ElasticSearch is now enabled and should be stable.
You can now search for posts!

Seems like it's working again but elasticsearch is still in deployment, if sometimes the search feature doesn't work it's normal.

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Search feature is currently down because I am deploying elasticsearch.
It will be back asap!

90 days since the last down time (9min of down time) and nothing to report! :blobparty:

We noticed degraded performance. Nothing to be worried, it is just your admin working on the server.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear users, AntaBaka server will host the Kitsu Anime Awards starting the 22nd January.
We will focus on maintaining AntaBaka with the use of load balancers to keep both services stable.

It is midnight server time! AntaBaka wishes you a Happy New Year!

I added money to renew the domain on the 1st February. Soon 1 year of AntaBaka!! What can we do to celebrate this? :blobcatthinking:

I noticed these last days some lags on AntaBaka and an abnormal usage of the CPU.
It should be solved by now but I will keep an eye on this.

Pixelfed available at pics.antabaka.me/ is going to be shutdown this Sunday. Be sure to backup your data.

Users have been emailed about AntaBaka's shutdown.

To all admins, take care of my bakas please :blobheart:

We have an important announcement to make. To all users of AntaBaka or from instances communicating with AntaBaka:

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Anta Baka?!

Hello ! This is a server for a small community but where everyone can share what they love. This instance is going to be mostly about anime/manga or computer science but feel free to share everything you want !